Bali Retreat.

Bali Retreat


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Lasya Attar – Indian Fusion Belly Dance Retreat with Colleena Shakti in BALI!

5th – 11th December 2016

Join us for our 4th annual Indian Fusion Dance Retreat with renowned international performer and beloved teacher, Colleena Shakti.  Presented by:  Caravanserai Retreats 


LASYA – a Sanskrit word meaning feminine graceful movement.

ATTAR – a concentrated essence, usually in reference to perfume, derived from a labor-intensive distillation process.

Just as in the distillation process of fine perfume oils, a dancer must find purification through concentrated efforts in the training process, distilling both her intentions and technique. The most delectable and subtle of scents are had through intricate and time-consuming processes. Come take some time for yourself to completely immerse in the rich world of dance which Colleena has created through bridging Indian dance and related arts philosophy, with contemporary techniques of Belly Dance and beyond!


In Indian performance art theory, the goal of all art is to produce a delectable atmosphere, an air or essence that can be savored by the audience known as Rasa. With the theory of Rasa being the starting point of all Indian art, it only seems fitting that the analogy of making attar (the most refined essential oil) be the parallel to the process of “making a dancer”.

In this retreat only, we offer dancers reflective time to ask themselves what kind of dancer do they want to be, and begin the journey to reach your goals.   The curriculum will focus on THE PROCESS. Not only how dances are made, but more importantly, how *the dancer* is made.

This year’s retreat will be held in a private villa to encourage an intimate environment & a nurturing atmosphere. We will enjoy each others company, share delicious food, luxuriate in lush surroundings, and all this only steps away from the beach!



The Syllabus

Colleena’s own elegant version of Indian Fusion Belly Dance is unmistakable, embellished with Indian aesthetics and delicate motifs from her years of dedicated research, study and practice while living in India.


Our Days Will Include

  • Yoga – Relax your body and mind with a daily restorative yoga (Vinyasa, Pranayam and Meditation practice)
  • Strength and precision training to grow & refine your dance technique (through Pilates, classical Indian dance and martial arts exercises)
  • Belly Dance drills and stylistic phrases – strong movements & fluid transitions
  • Classical Indian Dance techniques – Opulent embellishments, mudras and motifs
  • Stylistic development – Choreographic concepts & deeper meanings of movements
  • A full fusion choreography and dance phrases in several traditional styles
  • Theory classes with focus on Rasa and Bhava: concepts from the definitive Vedic text on dance, the Natya Shastra and other Indian aesthetic texts.
  • Sunset walks on the beach!
  • Culminating with a beautiful performance event



Monday 5th December:  check in from 2pm

4pm: welcome and orientation

7pm: our first dinner together!

Tuesday 6th December: dance!

Wednesday 7th December: dance!

Thursday 8th December: dance AND – Balinese dance class!

Friday 9th December : dance!

Saturday 10th December : dance and performance event!

Sunday 11th December: check out and farewell.


Daily Schedule (subject to change)

9am – 10am: yoga

10am – 12pm: dance

12.30pm: lunch

3.30pm – 5.30pm: dance & theory

7pm: dinner




Included in Full Package

Living the Bali life for a week!

25 hours of yoga and professional dance training

6 nights accommodation in our own private villa by the sea!

3 delicious meals a day

Unlimited water, wifi & sunshine!

Tropical lounging Bali style by the pool between classes

Balinese dance class and performance

Performance event!


Not Included

your flight or travel insurance

tourist visa ($25)

airport pick up (available on request for $25 one way)

extra food/drink/snacks outside of planned meals





**10% discount for returning Bali retreat students!


**Special discounts for groups and Troupes!

10% discount for groups of 3 or 4

20% discount for groups of 6 or more!!


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