LONDON ~ Shakti School of Dance Full Day Intensive Sept 23, 2017
Sep 23 all-day

Shakti School of Dance comes to London!

1 Full Day Dance Immersion
10 am – 6:30 pm
@ The Factory, LONDON

We welcome you to the world of inspired grace and artistic excellence…

Bringing the world of Shakti School of Dance, Rajasthan to London for 1 all out day of training. Explore a wide range of dance styles and movement modalities connected to the Indian aesthetic of Colleena Shakti.

Course schedule is:
• 10-11am: Vinyasa Krama Yoga
• 11-1 pm: Odissi Classical Indian Dance Techniques
• 1-2 pm: Odissi Choreography
• 2-3 pm: LUNCH BREAK & Shopping with Nakarali Jewelry
• 3-4 pm: North Indian Dance
• 4-5 pm: Indian Fusion Belly Dance
• 5-6 pm: Theory Class (Lecture on Indian Aesthetic theories)

Join an intimate group of hard working students in an intensive format that will grow your dance to the next level technically, as well as gaining a deep understanding of cultural context and complex art theories of India related to dance.



Vinyasa Krama Yoga
A highly authentic Yoga practice of slowing the mind and body by deepening the breath. The breath leads each movement through the series by gently awakening subtle energy channels, rather than simply stretching muscle tissue. From asana we build up to Pranayama practices to increase endurance for peak performance, followed by pratyahara and meditation for fine-tuning our concentration skills. We will open each day with these practices, which will take less than an hour to complete.

Odissi Technique: ‘Stepping’
The first steps of Odissi, but not the last!
Beginners and professionals alike use this “stepping” practice (20 + 2 basic phrases) to refine one’s rhythm sense, develop precision in footwork, find grace in the upper body and hand movements, as well as build stamina, confidence and dexterity through the mantra-like repetition.
During the final few days of our time together, common movements and short dance phrases of the Odissi repertoire will also be shared to give students a taste of what classical choreography feels like. In Odissi, choreographies are traditionally preserved through a lineage and slowly passed on over the years.

Odissi Choreography
Depending on the level of experience, students will explore a section of choreography to be worked on throughout the intensive. Odissi choreography is intricate with complex footwork and stylized gesture and expression. During the first day, continuing Odissi students will present and ‘brush up’ on previous Choreographies they have learned, then continue to learn a section of a new choreography. Choreography is most importantly, a means of transmitting the subtle approaches imbedded in the Odissi style.

North Indian Dance
Greatly inspired by folkloric and tribal dances of Rajasthan, the unparalleled grace of classical Kathak dance and the ecstatic music traditions of Sufi Qawwali, Colleena invites us into the rich world of North Indian dance. This workshop will introduce various classical and folkloric techniques of dance including spins, poses and arm patterns, then build up to beautiful gliding phrases of her unique style. Please wear a long spinning skirt. We will be spinning a lot in this class!

Indian Fusion Belly Dance
Learn Colleena’s trademark style of Indian Fusion Belly Dance through techniques broken down and drilled, then woven together into several phrases layered with rich details. Integrating details of Indian classical dance, with earthy, strong, fluid belly dance Colleena will share movements that offer a sweet combination of aesthetics to create an elegant Indian mood.

Indian Aesthetic Theory Lecture
The day will conclude with poignant discussion on Indian aesthetic theory. The lecture will explore historical and cultural background of the dance styles we will have worked on through out the day, as well as taking an Indian classical perspective on fundamental theories of what validates a work of art. This section of the workshop is a wonderful chance to open deeper questions you may have on the material covered in the course or simply a question you have been pondering for a long time. Please bring a notebook for this class.



Colleena Shakti is known for her innovative and highly stylized fusions. While many students go right for the fusion style, they might not realize the qualities that create the nuances of her fusion come from the rigorous practice in Odissi, the meditative quality of Yoga and the free flowing elegance epitomized in North Indian dance. This course is designed to give students an authentic experience in Indian dance and yet experience the artist freedom Colleena’s fusion offers without abandoning the values and theories expressed in Indian classical texts and lineages. The Theory classes are one of the special aspects of Colleena’s work. Students get an invaluable understanding of not only the complex culture from which these traditions come from, but as well a chance for thoughtful reflection into



The Factory, 407 Hornsey Rd, Archway, London N19 4DX



Early Bird Discount Price:
Available from now, until September 7.

Regular Price:
Available September 8 – Sept 21.

Please note: this workshop offers NO REFUNDS once the workshop has been paid through Paypal, for any reason. Please plan carefully for this opportunity.

*By completing your payment via paypal, you are agreeing to the terms of this refund policy.



Wolverhampton, UK – OCT 27 & 28
Oct 27 – Oct 29 all-day





London, UK – Indian Fusion Workshop
Nov 8 @ 8:59 pm – 9:59 pm


Indian Fusion Workshop with Colleena Shakti
A Survey of Techniques and Compositions to Inspire…

Monday, December 11
6pm – 8pm

This class is a survey of various dance styles and techniques that relate to the Indian aesthetic. Colleena’s unique and elegant Rajasthani dance style (heavily inspired from classical Kathak movement) will be presented, as well as the warrior-like Indian Contemporary dance (that expresses the strength of Indian martial arts and yoga) and Indian Fusion Belly Dance. Students will gain experience in traditional dance techniques and dancing on traditional music in addition to original compositions. Colleena will guide students through her repertoire in a creative, yet disciplined way. The workshop includes a warm up, technique training, compositions and cool down.

Academy Mews Dance Studios
15 Pratt Mews, Camden, London
@ The Balcony Studio (top floor)

Registration fee: £40
Drop in Price: £45 (Cash paid before the start of class IF the event is not sold out)

Experience Level:
This class is for the intermediate to experienced dancer looking for new inspirations and stylistic techniques.

What to bring / wear:
We will drill spins in this class, so a skirt and pair of socks is recommended.


Facebook Page (Stay up to date on details or ask questions about the class here)

Registration Link:


BALI, INDONESIA – Nov 12-18 – Annual BALI Dance Retreat !!
Nov 18 all-day


Hosted by Caravanserai Retreats

Join us for Bali Bliss!!  Registration will be up soon.

Please visit our Facebook page for inquiries and to stay up to date:

Contact Allison Mulroy of Caravanserai Retreats at:

London – Belly Dance Roots Series
Nov 30 all-day

Belly Dance Roots ~ with Colleena Shakti
Define & Refine the Roots of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
3 Part Class Series: Dec 15 / Jan 12

Dec 15 / Jan 12
Fridays 6pm-8pm

Academy Mews Dance Studios
15 Pratt Mews, Camden, London
@ The Lounge Studio (ground floor)

Workshop Focus:
The goal of this workshop is to refine essential belly dance technique and define the movement concepts needed to develop a strong dance. This 3 part class series is designed for beginning belly dance students, as well as more experienced dancers who want to excel in their dance. This is a technique class and will focus on careful repetition of foundational movements to develop a shared vocabulary. Each class will include a warm up and strength-training portion, followed by movement drills, compositions and partner work. There will be some homework given to complete between each class.

3 class package @ £111 / $146
Single drop in class £40 (Cash paid before the start of class)

Experience Level:
Beginning to Advanced

What to bring / wear:
Dress comfortably. Bring a notebook.

Registration Link:


Refund Policy:
Please decide carefully before registering for this course. There are no refunds under any circumstance.

Classical & Contemporary Indian Dance Workshop – London
Dec 2 @ 12:01 am – 1:01 am

Indian Dance Workshop in London ~ Classical & Contemporary


January 13 & 14, 2018

Weekend Series:

Masterful dance is a balancing of head and heart, passion and discipline, abandon and understanding, technique and bhav (spirited presence).  Through the experience of studying classical Indian dance, students will gain an understanding of story telling through dance gestures, cultural context and intention,  Indian classical aesthetic theories and musicality.  In addition to gaining experience in traditional dance approaches, the course will mindfully explore a Western academic approach to movement analysis, notation, anatomy and biomechanics.


The first 3 hours of this course focuses on strong Classical Indian Odissi dance.  The student will gain experience in traditional training practices of Odissi that traces its roots back thousands of years to temple dance traditions of Orissa, India.  The class will begin with a Vinyasa Krama Yoga practice, which offers a deeper insight into the context and spiritual philosophies that Odissi are related to.  Technique exercises and short compositions slowly be introduced and build up throughout the weekend.


The 3 hour afternoon segment of this course will give students a rich survey of stylistic inspirations that Colleena uses in her unique Indian Fusion Dance. Belly Dance techniques are embellished with various nuances and movements from North Indian dance (Kathak and Rajasthani folk) as well as contemporary, Persian dances and more.  Technique exercises and choreographed compositions will be slowly introduced and build in complexity throughout the weekend.  This is more than just a basic Belly Dance class, so a certain level of fitness will be required for some contemporary techniques as well as faster spins and traveling steps.



London, UK

Urdang 1, Old Finsbury Hall

Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4RP/ Studio 5 & 3


JAN 13

Urdang 1 – STUDIO 5

ODISSI CLASSICAL DANCE: 11am – 2pm (3 hrs)

1 hour lunch

INDIAN FUSION:  3-6pm (3 hrs)

JAN 14

Urdang 1 – STUDIO 3

ODISSI CLASSICAL DANCE: 11 am – 2 pm (3 hrs)

1 hour lunch

INDIAN FUSION:  3-6pm (3 hrs)


Experience Level:  


Some Belly Dance experience and moderate fitness level necessary.  Our work pace will be moderate.

What to bring or wear:

For the Odissi morning session, please dress modestly, as if for a yoga class.  Pants or leggings that are tight around the ankle are ideal.  For the afternoon Indian Fusion, a large skirt or legging are fine.  We will work with a variety of techniques including spins, belly dance and contemporary movements.


*Full Weekend Course* – 2 Dance styles (12 hours) – £199

Odissi Weekend   (6 hours) – £120

Indian Fusion Weekend  (6 hours) – £120

FB event page:

Registration Link:

Course Options


To learn more about Colleena’s dance work, please visit:

Refund Policy:

Please decide carefully before registering for this course.  There are no refunds under any circumstance.  If you are no longer able to attend the class, you are allowed to sell your spot in the class.  Please ask the person who buys your class to contact us to get their name on the registration sheet.


Santiago, CHILE – January 4-7, 2018
Jan 4 – Jan 7 all-day


FB Event Page:





Giselle Kattan  +569 98719843

Indian Classical Dance & Fusion Bellydance in Portland
Jan 23 @ 8:23 pm – 9:23 pm

Indian Dance Workshop Portland

Colleena Shakti in Portland

This event is sold out, but you may come for Colleena’s free lecture, open to the public, May 2oth on The Yoga of Dance.

Join world-renowned dancer Colleena Shakti for a weekend of Indian Classical Dance and Indian Fusion Bellydance.Move deeper through Colleena’s masterful teachings at Studio Datura this May 19th and 20th, 2018.

Vinyasa Krama Yoga / Strength Training / Odissi Technique / Fusion Composition and Technique / Aesthetic Theory

Location: Studio Datura  –
1847 East Burnside, Suite 103 Portland, OR 97214

Dates: May 19 & 20, 2018

Time: 9am – 6pm


  • 9 – 10 am : Yoga
  • 10 am – 1 pm: Odissi
  • 1pm – 2:15 pm: lunch
  • 2:30pm – 3:30pm: Indian Aesthetic Art Theory Class
  • 3:30pm – 6:00pm: Indian Fusion Dance

Indian Aesthetic Art Theory Class:* May 19th: The Theory of Beauty
* May 20th: The Yoga of Dance (open and free to the public, bring a friend!)

Price: 15 hours of dance training in Odissi Classical and Indian Fusion Dance.

Bonus: This weekend also features a free class open to the public. Bring a friend and for a one hour talk on The Transcendent Experience of Art: yoga ideals in dance, May 20th 2:30-3:30pm.


Shakti Summer School in Greece!
Mar 8 @ 11:01 am – 12:01 pm


~ Modules One & Two ~

Shakti Summer School in Greece!

June 11th – July 6th

Aikirgiannis, Crete

Apply Now!

Contact us for more information at



Colleena has crafted this 100-hour Shakti Summer School to establish a solid base of technique for students through training in both Odissi Classical Indian Dance and Indian Fusion Dance. It is a holistic and rigorous training designed to both celebrate culture and explore the potential for thoughtful innovation. In this program we will both uphold tradition, and embrace the spirit of exploration in dance.

Shakti Summer School consist of two modules, Odissi and Fusion dance, each of which have two separate training weeks. This means you can come anywhere from one week or stay for the entire month. Drop in classes are also available.

Tuition includes vegetarian breakfast and lunch five days a week, ten meals total. Limited on-site accommodation is available, and many beautiful Villas are available to rent on Airbnb. You will need your own transportation, and we will connect students to collectively share a car and villa.

Many sunsets await you this summer in Greece!




Module One:  Odissi Classical Indian Dance

      Week One: June 11th – June 15

      Week Two: June 18 – 22

Module Two:  Indian Fusion Dance

      Week One: June 25 – June 29

      Week Two: July 2 – July 6


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Experience the systematic study of Odissi Classical Dance and Indian Fusion Dance at Shakti Summer School in Crete. Yoga, Odissi, Kathak, North Indian, Rajasthani and Ballet will be offered as supporting instruments for the growth of the serious dancer who wants to evolve as a performing artist.



Module One

Module One is a 36 hour training from June 11th to June 22nd in Odissi Classical Indian dance, in the lineage of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. It is offered in two distinct weeks, and you may apply for one week or both weeks. Beginners are encouraged to attend week one of Module One. These two weeks are offered in the tradition of our classic schedule at Shakti School of Dance Rajasthan (established 2005).


Module Two

Module Two is a 56 hour training from June 25th – July 6th in Indian Fusion Dance. It begins in week one with a focus on Rajasthani and North India dance, and continues into week two exploring Fusion Bellydance and Colleena’s new Indian Contemporary work. You may attend one week or two.


Modules 1 & 2

Shakti Summer School combines Modules One and Two in a 100 hour certificate program.

Experiencing the entire month as a comprehensive summer school will result in a strong foundation in the techniques essential for Colleena’s Indian Fusion Bellydance. Students who attend both Module One and Module Two will receive a 100 hour certificate of completion, as well as 10% discount on the price of tuition. The eight additional hours in this 92 hour training will be supplemented with private tutoring, group projects and other special training. Student’s interested in the Indian Fusion Essentials should review Module One and Module Two, and must complete both applications



Module One: Odissi Classical Indian Dance 

      One Week: 485$

      Two Weeks: 900$

Module Two: Indian Fusion Dance

      One Week: 685$

      Two Weeks: 1,260$

Shakti Summer School: 100 hour program

     Four Weeks: 1,944$


* Prices include two, veg meals per week day: breakfast and lunch. The price does not include accommodation or transportation.




Learn more about Villa Shakti on Facebook!

*available by application

Double Shared Room with shared bathroom: 210$ per week.

Dorm style accommodation with shared bathroom: 108$ Per Week. 




~ Anticipated Daily Schedule for Module One ~


9-10 am: Vinyasa Krama Yoga

10 – 11:00 am: Odissi: Strength Training & Stepping Practice

11 – 12: Break

12 – 1: Odissi intermediate

1 – 2 pm: Odissi beginning

2 – 5 pm: Break

5 – 6:30 pm:

      Tuesday and Thursday: Theory class

      Monday and Wednesday: Indian Fusion Bellydance (*drop in/ add on, not included in intensive tuition).

      * Saturdays, will feature special performances or special workshops – offered as drop in for an additional price.

      * Sundays are a free day to relax and explore the island!



~ Anticipated Daily Schedule for Module Two ~ 


9 -10 am: Vinyasa Krama Yoga

10 – 11 am :

      Monday/Wednesday: Odissi Technique

      Tuesday/Thursday:  Kathak/North Indian/Rajasthani Techniques

      Friday : Classical Ballet with Elina

11am – 12pm: Veg Breakfast provided by Villa Shakti

12 – 2pm:  Two hours of Indian Fusion Dance Technique

      Week One: Focus on Rajasthani North India

      Week Two: Focus on Indian Contemporary and Fusion Bellydance

2 – 5pm: Veg Lunch provided by Villa Shakti

5 – 6pm: Learn Original Choreographies.

6 – 7:30pm: Tuesdays and Thursdays Indian Aesthetic Theory

      * Saturdays will feature special performances or special workshops (offered as drop in for an additional price).

      * Sundays are a free day to relax and explore the island!




You must provide your own transport. Villa Shakti is located in a rural location, in a very small village named Aikirgianis, near Topolia on the island of Crete in Greece. We will do our best to connect you with fellow students to collectively hire a car. A shuttle may also be available for your convenience for dinner service and special outings. We will provide a list of local car hires, taxis and look into hiring a shuttle for dinner service.




Shared on-site accommodation is available for a limited number of students at Villa Shakti. Many beautiful villas dot the countryside in and near our charming, intimate village in Topolia, Crete. We will connect students with one another to facilitate the shared booking of a private villa if they desire more space.

Preference for in-home accommodation is given to students who have studied 25 hours or more with Colleena Shakti. We are hoping to attract students who are excited about participating in the creation of a holistic and uplifting living space and training experience.




Colleena warmly invites you into her personal home at Villa Shakti for this extraordinary, immersion experience. What a blessing to have the chance to study in the gurukul, the house of the guru (teacher). In Classical Indian Arts, since ancient times, it has been tradition to live at the home of the teacher. This is so that students may experience the life of the artist with a holistic approach, rather than just learning isolated techniques. Living together in an ashram-style setting will support the artist to embody nuances, and understand the spirit of the art as a “lived-approach”. Colleena invites you into this unique experience of an “art-ashram” with the spirit of full participation.


Apply Now!



Do you have a question? Please reach out to:





London Indian Fusion Belly Dance
Apr 8 @ 1:14 pm – 2:14 pm

Indian Fusion Dance Intensive

The Place, London

~ May 12th & 13th, 2018 ~

London Fusion Intensive May 12/13 at The Place

Indian Fusion Dance Technique Drills


May 12th, Saturday

16:30 – 20:00 (3.5 hours)

This technique workshop will begin briefly with breath-based yoga, awareness exercises and stretching which supports this dance style.  The drills presented will spotlight particular isolations and gestures found in both tribal belly dance and Indian dance, as well as walks, turns and arm patterns with mudra.

The class will end with a short session of notation and theoretical discussion about the vocabulary presented.  Students will enjoy refining techniques that range from intermediate to advanced, and come out of the class with phrases for self-practice.  Some belly dance experience is essential to work with the layers of fine detail in compositions.  Please bring a notebook to class and a small snack to share if you like.


Indian Fusion Belly Dance Choreography and Exploration

May 13th, Sunday

15:00 – 19:00 (4 Hours)

This creative workshop will jump off from the previous day’s technique work.  We will revisit movements presented in Saturdays class to weave together Indian fusion belly dance choreography, and explore concepts with group work. The class will begin briefly with breath-based yoga, awareness exercises and stretching which supports this dance style.  Some belly dance experience is essential to work with the layers of fine detail in the choreography.  Please bring a notebook to class and a small snack to share if you like.


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