LONDON ~ Shakti School of Dance Full Day Intensive Sept 23, 2017.

September 23, 2017 all-day

Shakti School of Dance comes to London!

1 Full Day Dance Immersion
10 am – 6:30 pm
@ The Factory, LONDON

We welcome you to the world of inspired grace and artistic excellence…

Bringing the world of Shakti School of Dance, Rajasthan to London for 1 all out day of training. Explore a wide range of dance styles and movement modalities connected to the Indian aesthetic of Colleena Shakti.

Course schedule is:
• 10-11am: Vinyasa Krama Yoga
• 11-1 pm: Odissi Classical Indian Dance Techniques
• 1-2 pm: Odissi Choreography
• 2-3 pm: LUNCH BREAK & Shopping with Nakarali Jewelry
• 3-4 pm: North Indian Dance
• 4-5 pm: Indian Fusion Belly Dance
• 5-6 pm: Theory Class (Lecture on Indian Aesthetic theories)

Join an intimate group of hard working students in an intensive format that will grow your dance to the next level technically, as well as gaining a deep understanding of cultural context and complex art theories of India related to dance.



Vinyasa Krama Yoga
A highly authentic Yoga practice of slowing the mind and body by deepening the breath. The breath leads each movement through the series by gently awakening subtle energy channels, rather than simply stretching muscle tissue. From asana we build up to Pranayama practices to increase endurance for peak performance, followed by pratyahara and meditation for fine-tuning our concentration skills. We will open each day with these practices, which will take less than an hour to complete.

Odissi Technique: ‘Stepping’
The first steps of Odissi, but not the last!
Beginners and professionals alike use this “stepping” practice (20 + 2 basic phrases) to refine one’s rhythm sense, develop precision in footwork, find grace in the upper body and hand movements, as well as build stamina, confidence and dexterity through the mantra-like repetition.
During the final few days of our time together, common movements and short dance phrases of the Odissi repertoire will also be shared to give students a taste of what classical choreography feels like. In Odissi, choreographies are traditionally preserved through a lineage and slowly passed on over the years.

Odissi Choreography
Depending on the level of experience, students will explore a section of choreography to be worked on throughout the intensive. Odissi choreography is intricate with complex footwork and stylized gesture and expression. During the first day, continuing Odissi students will present and ‘brush up’ on previous Choreographies they have learned, then continue to learn a section of a new choreography. Choreography is most importantly, a means of transmitting the subtle approaches imbedded in the Odissi style.

North Indian Dance
Greatly inspired by folkloric and tribal dances of Rajasthan, the unparalleled grace of classical Kathak dance and the ecstatic music traditions of Sufi Qawwali, Colleena invites us into the rich world of North Indian dance. This workshop will introduce various classical and folkloric techniques of dance including spins, poses and arm patterns, then build up to beautiful gliding phrases of her unique style. Please wear a long spinning skirt. We will be spinning a lot in this class!

Indian Fusion Belly Dance
Learn Colleena’s trademark style of Indian Fusion Belly Dance through techniques broken down and drilled, then woven together into several phrases layered with rich details. Integrating details of Indian classical dance, with earthy, strong, fluid belly dance Colleena will share movements that offer a sweet combination of aesthetics to create an elegant Indian mood.

Indian Aesthetic Theory Lecture
The day will conclude with poignant discussion on Indian aesthetic theory. The lecture will explore historical and cultural background of the dance styles we will have worked on through out the day, as well as taking an Indian classical perspective on fundamental theories of what validates a work of art. This section of the workshop is a wonderful chance to open deeper questions you may have on the material covered in the course or simply a question you have been pondering for a long time. Please bring a notebook for this class.



Colleena Shakti is known for her innovative and highly stylized fusions. While many students go right for the fusion style, they might not realize the qualities that create the nuances of her fusion come from the rigorous practice in Odissi, the meditative quality of Yoga and the free flowing elegance epitomized in North Indian dance. This course is designed to give students an authentic experience in Indian dance and yet experience the artist freedom Colleena’s fusion offers without abandoning the values and theories expressed in Indian classical texts and lineages. The Theory classes are one of the special aspects of Colleena’s work. Students get an invaluable understanding of not only the complex culture from which these traditions come from, but as well a chance for thoughtful reflection into



The Factory, 407 Hornsey Rd, Archway, London N19 4DX



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