9-13 October, 2019

27 hours of professional dance training in:

  • Odissi Classical Indian Dance
  • Indian Fusion Belly Dance
  • North Indian – Rajasthani & Kathak Stylizations

“Colleena is known for a very unique style of belly dancing fused with elements of Indian dance. This fusion comes from a deep connection of the classical and folk dances of India, from her years of study and research in yoga and the theory of aesthetics of India.

She has created an important and significant bridge between the tribal belly dance and the movements and stylization of the Indian dances.

This Immersion will be unique in Chile, it will take you to experience beauty and subtlety through dance, in a cozy and close environment. It will be a weekend of intense hours of classes with this incredible teacher and dancer, who will open your mind to vast and precious knowledge in dance, yoga, beauty and devotion.  This immersion will be the opportunity to learn different styles of traditional dance: Odissi, Kathak, Kalbelia and Tribal belly dance.

Colleena Shakti’s dance style is a holistic vision of art, where she incorporates: conceptual ideas and techniques to develop concentration and precision in dance, as well as a harmonious fusion of Middle Eastern and Indian dance styles.”


This multi-disciplinary dance training will introduce students to the complexities and techniques of both classical, fusion and folkloric dances of India.  Each workshop will address training and strengthening, technique break down and drills, compositions and choreographic ideas and more.  Short lectures in each dance style will present theoretical and cultural ideas which makes each style unique.

* Odissi Workshop: 9 hours

* Workshop of Rajasthani Kalbelia & North Indian: 9 hours

* Indian Fusion Bellydance workshop: 9 hours

Level: Open to all levels, work will be added according to your abilities. 

Full Daily Schedule (Subject to change)

  • Wednesday: 10am – 1pm Odissi / 5pm to 8pm Kalbelia & North Indian Fusion
  • Thursday: 10am – 1pm Odissi / 5pm to 8pm Kalbelia & North Indian Fusion
  • Friday: 10am – 1pm Odissi / 5pm to 8pm Kalbelia & North Indian Fusion
  • Saturday: 10am – 1pm Indian Fusion bellydance / 4 – 7pm Indian Fusion bellydance
  • Sunday:  11am to 2pm Indian Fusion bellydance / Closing & Show

Certificate of Completion:  This course includes Certification of participation if all the classroom hours have been attended.

Final Performance: Participants of the workshops will have the opportunity to perform together in the final show.

What to bring / wear:Please bring a notebook and pen for the lectures, water and small snacks

Dress Code for class:

Odissi Classical dance: Dress code is modest.  Cotton dance sari is the best choice of dress or salwar kameez / Kurt pajama or churridar.  Shoulders and legs should be covered.  We recommend long stretch pants which are tight fitting around the ankle.  For the top a salwar kameez or tight fitted tight shirt is ok.  Please no shorts or wearing only sports bra.

Rajasthani / North Indian / Kathak techniques: Please wear a long spinning skirt.

Indian Fusion Belly Dance:Any comfortable belly dance attire.

Registration & Contact: or

Cell phone: +569 98719843

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