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2019 Odissi Intensive Courses


Welcome to our updated Odissi Intensive Course page for the 2019 Shakti School of Dance season. Please read this content carefully, as well as the information on the FAQ and Application pages. Take note that the application process, course structure and tuition fees have changed from previous years.


Shakti School of Dance 2019



The 2019 dance season is January 16 through April 17, 2019.  Our much anticipated Temple Dance Festival will be held in April at the conclusion of Session #3 (date soon to be announced).

All students are encouraged to come for the entire season.  While we welcome students for one session only, the curriculum and schedule are designed to support the serious Odissi student who wishes to complete the entire season. This year we have designed built-in breaks in our intense training schedule to allow students to rest and recoup their energy in this physically demanding training program. End of March and into April will be hot in Rajasthan! We have a few school holidays such as Holi Festival during the school season.
Students who commit to the entire dance season, will receive a total possible discount of 10%.

We offer training certificates at the completion of each Odissi intensive session. After completion of each intensive session, practical and written exams to pass to the next level are given.

Applications must be submitted on time (please see Application Deadline section below), and completed in full to be considered for admission to our training programs.  Payment (via Paypal) must be completed upon admission in the given time period to guarantee enrollment in the Odissi intensive sessions. Please review our strict no-refund policy before tuition payment is completed.





SESSION # 1: January 16th – February 2nd, 2019 (60 hours)

SESSION # 2: February 7th – March 8th, 2019 (108 hours)

SESSION # 3: March 18th – April 9th, 2019 (80 hours)







SESSION # 1: January 16th – February 2nd, 2019

Session One is presented over 15 class days with 60 hours instruction (approx). Our opening ceremony (9 am) and *required* orientation will be held on Wednesday, January 16. Session One is required for beginners, and is likewise essential for returning students who wish to embody this challenging dance with integrity.


Time Commitment: 60 hours over 15 class days, plus self practice

Experience Levels Accepted:  Beginning – Advanced

Instructed by: Colleena Shakti, Sudhansu Puhana & Senior Students of SSD

Price: 900$ USD

Daily Drop in Classes Available Monday – Saturday


SESSION # 2: February 7th – March 8th, 2019

Session Two is 108 hours of Odissi study (theory & practical) presented over 26 class days. This session is essential to dancers who desire a deeper experience of Odissi dance. Student’s who have completed session one, (or have previous SSD training hours), will learn new choreographies as determined by the teacher. Those who have learned Vasanta Pallavi will learn an intermediate Pallavi item during this session and Degree Program students will start to dive into their projects to prepare for the annual exams given in April.


Time Commitment: 108 hours over 26 class days

Experience Levels Accepted:  Continuing – Advanced (no beginners this session)

Instructed by: Colleena Shakti, Sudhansu Puhana & Senior Students of SSD

Price: 1,620$ USD


Daily Drop in Classes Available Monday – Saturday


SESSION # 3: March 18th – April 9th, 2019

This session includes the Temple Dance Festival for advanced students who wish to participate and *Special 3 day Master Class in Odissi Music with Gurus from Orissa!

These precious 80 hours are essential to the serious student who longs to enter into the world of Odissi dance with sincere effort by committing to the entire dance season. Students who sign up for the entire dance season will receive a 10% discount. Session Three is also ideal for experienced students who are longing to reconnect to the dance, but are not able to carve out the time for a longer training.

This session offers the important moment to share what you have been cultivating in the dance with our Annual Pushkar Temple Dance Festival on or around April 6th. The intention for this offering is to both give back to our beloved Rangji temple and village of Pushkar, as well as to acknowledge your hard work as students. Experienced students will perform items beside Colleena and Sudhansu on live music provided by guest master musicians from Orissa. Students wishing to participate in the TDF should express their interest in their applications. Not all students will be required to participate. Please note that students who wish to participate in the festival will be required to have Odissi costumes and ornaments or purchase basic costume items within a budget of up to $100)


Date: March 18 – April 9, 2019

Time Commitment: 80 hours over 19 class days

Experience Levels Accepted: Continuing – Advanced (no beginners this session)

Instructed by: Colleena Shakti, Sudhansu Puhana & Senior Students of SSD

Price: 1,200$ USD


Daily Drop in Classes Available Monday – Saturday


NEW DIPLOMA COURSE: (By Special Application Only)


Diploma Course: Session # 2: Feb 7 – Mar 13, 128 hrs over 29 class days

March 11-13 are special study group session only for Degree Program Students.  Students will start to dive into their projects to prepare for the annual exams given in April.


Diploma Course: Session # 3: Mar 18 – April 17, 108 hours over 26 class/exam days

Degree program session #3 includes: Temple Dance Festival performance with live music, special 3 day Master Class in Odissi Music with Gurus from Orissa, exam prep days and 4 days of exams. 


Degree seeking dance students with over 300 hours of training at SSD may write to inquire about their possible involvement in this long term commitment course of study.  More information will be made public soon.


  • October 1st, 2019: Registration opens for SSD 2019 Dance Season!
  • November 1st, 2019: Application period closed. No applications accepted after this date.
  • November 8th, 2019: You will be informed if you have been accepted into the program, and receive additional information via email. You will then have one week (seven days) to complete payment, and sign our mandatory waiver form. Then you may begin applying for your *Tourist visa immediately (Shakti School of can not offer student visa at this time). You will be added to our SSD Student & Alumni Group, and may ask questions to our knowledgeable and helpful dance community.
  • November 15, 2019: All payment and registration must be completed by this date. Otherwise, we will offer your spot to a waitlisted student. We encourage you to share with us your reasons for not being able to attend, and apply next year!
  • November 15, 2019: If you have been waitlisted we will inform you if a space has opened on November 15. Waitlisted students will have just seven days, one week, to complete payment for this coveted position.




Monday – Saturday

  • 9 – 11 am: Morning Yoga, Exercise and Therapeutics. Odissi Stepping technique Class / Odissi Vocabulary.
  • 12:30 – 2 pm : Item Class #1. Placement depending on skill level.
  • 2:00 – 3 pm: Item Class # 2. Placement depending on skill level.
  • 5 – 6:30 pm: Theoretical Lecture or Group Study in: mudra, music theory, history, culture, philosophy, Natya Shastra, etc.
  • *Shakti Saturdays: Every Saturday Repertoire Rehearsal takes place from 1pm. Friends and family are welcome to attend and watch!


Please note that we do not guarantee start and end times for classes. Please be prepared to dedicate yourself full time to the study of Odissi dance during the respective sessions. We strive to provide the best possible education experience. Additionally, the student must be prepared to relax into our very unique village-life inside a bustling marketplace and pilgrimage town. Our schedule may vary from day to day. Each Monday the week’s schedule will be announced.


The Shakti School of Dance Odissi Intensive cancellation and refund policy is in place to guarantee the fair allocation of slots in the program to students who have been accepted and are ready to commit.

Your registration payment to SSD is not refundable, returnable or transferable to a future workshop or to another person. No exceptions. Even in the case of medical or family emergencies. Please register with full awareness of the agreement you are entering into.

Payment (via Paypal), as well as the ‘Mandatory Waiver Form’ must be completed upon acceptance in the given time period to guarantee enrollment in the Intensive sessions. Deadline for completing payment is: November 15, 2017.

Students cancelling after November 15, 2018 will not be eligible for any refund what so ever, as per our official cancellation policy. *By completing your payment, you have agreed to our refund terms and conditions already.




Questions? Check out Faq’s

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