Sensuous Metal

Silver Snake Belly Chains by Nakarali.  Finding the inspiration in Indian art, poetry and sculpture for this undeniable adornment.


Sensuous Metal - Silver Snake Belly Chains by NAKARALI

There is an immeasurable sensual appeal that comes from wearing a snake chain around your waist.   The eye is immediately attracted to the contrast between warm, soft curves of the hips, and the cold, shining, sinuous belly chain gleaming with detail. This piece of jewelry becomes an artistic statement of womanly strength and softness – femininity in all her ironic complexity.

Women have always reveled in the secret satisfaction of an expensive undergarment, a hidden tattoo, a subtle perfume, some secret detail that epitomizes their self-love and woman-ness.

Sensuous Metal - Indian Adornment


With just one glimpse, the belly chain leaves a strong impression. I have often seen people do a double-take and shyly glance back at the exquisite work of art resting upon my hips. Some times I might choose to hide the belt under my clothes, so only I get the satisfaction of knowing it is there, or I will wear it as a bolt accessory on top of a plain black dress. Of course as a performer of belly dance, I never go to the stage with out it!

My Inspiration for Nakarali’s Signature Silver Belly Chains

The idea I had behind making Nakarali’s signature silver belly chains was to give women a way to express their queenliness through adorning their BELLY. Although this year we have begun to offer preliminary items to the more pricey and coveted “Silver Snake Belly Chain”, such as Brass Belly chains, we believe this may introduce customers to that incredible personal satisfaction which comes from adorning our most sacred region of the body. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the subject of the sensuous side of silver!

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The high quality “Silver Snake Belly Chain” is like a piece of lingerie that one might never remove. Looking back at Indian poetry, sculpture and painting, which celebrate love and the sensuous, gives us a great insight as to the meaning and context that jewelry holds.


The Sensuous Context of Jewelry in India

Jewelry in India is given at the most important time of a woman’s life: on her wedding day. When the bride is presented to the groom, she is adorned head to toe in the finest garments and jewelry that her family can afford. Not only is it a financial security she takes with her from her own family, into her new home, but it is a symbol of fertility, ripeness and abundance (the Goddess Laxmi). The blushing bride adorned with jewelry at every vital juncture of her body, is also the symbol of ‘readiness’, for laying with her new husband on the wedding night


The great poets of India say, even in heightened moments of ecstasy and union, though all other garments may be tossed aside… jewelry is NEVER removed! Jewelry is an erotic enhancer.

Sensuous Metal - Indian Adornment

Quote From Gita Govind- India’s Most Timeless Love Poem Classic

 Radha is ready to meet Lord Krishna, while her friend says:

“All your Sakhis (friends) know well that your body is ready for a love-battle. It is decorated with ornaments and every substance required for engagement in sensual combat. After becoming a beautiful female warrior, you are now ready. As various instruments resound at the time of marching out to war, the bells attached to your waist-belt will chime when you set off for this love-battle. Declare war! Abandon all shame and flow along in the current of rasa as you journey with ever-increasing attachment to meet Shri Krishna.”

Sensuous Metal - Indian Adornment

Waist Belts In Sculpture and Ancient Temples of India

In India there is much reference to the savored areas of the female body, and the appropriate way of honoring them – with adornment of precious metals and stones, anointing with oils, decorating with mehndi or alta (red vermillion), etc. The belly is both a hidden and yet discretely revealed area. The Sari as a garment acts to cover the belly from direct view, yet, through its movement will offer momentary glimpses of a woman’s curves and softest regions.

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Many of the old belts I have collected over the years I have acquired from collectors and have been told that they come from South India. Still at this point I am unclear of where these specific designs have come from because each time I meet an older woman from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, etc. they have no idea of the tradition and have not seen such belts before. I think this deserves a journey in search of answers and I hope to Blog about my discoveries in the near future.  Those old belts are getting nearly impossible to find now, so thats when I decided to revive the design and recreate the South Indian silver snake chain belts in Rajasthan.. this time in sizes we could fit on our modern hips!

Nakarali caters to the exotic, bazar and eccentric side of each woman.

A perfectly refined and robust item of jewelry, the silver belly chain offers more than just an exotic fashion accessory… it carries a story of complex woman who wants to appreciate her form.  As we say at Nakarali…


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Sensuous Metal - Indian Adornment