Bali Retreat 2019!

Dance in Nature

Was it a Dream???  I can’t believe the retreat is over so fast.  Another year full of beautiful memories. I want to say a Big Thanks to each of you for bringing your magic, enthusiasm, trust and beauty!  I am left with a wonderful sentiment – that feeling of concluding time well spent – growing and learning in a very content space.  This feeling when you just let things UNFURL at the rhythm of some universal tempo which we tapped into.  Great work ladies!

We covered a lot of material and by no means are we finished refining details, embodying nuances and polishing lines…. But it was a pleasure to get the process started.  I look forward to sharing more and more details and refinement!  The daily Vinyasa Krama Yoga practice really set the bhav / intention and opened the space within ourselves to invite in new inspiration.  I was pleased an impressed with everyones focus in Yoga and in all the classes and the focus in the dance classes – even though the students were of all different levels.

As a teacher, I hope each student was challenged and felt little pockets of awareness UNFURL, going home with new details, like seeds that have been planted in the body awareness.  So now we must water those seeds and giving energy to those seeds through PRACTICE!

Already looking forward to next year!!