FAQ Retreat International.

What kind of dance will I learn in a retreat?

The answer depends on which retreat you choose.

The annual Bali Retreat is *Fusion, which means you will receive introductory level training in all of the dance styles that make up Colleena’s unique style of Indian Fusion Belly Dance, such as:  Rajasthani, Kathak, Odissi, Yoga, Egyptian folkloric, ATS ®, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Persian and Central Asian dances.

The Hawaii Retreat focuses on the deeply spiritual traditions of Indian classical Odissi dance and Yoga.  Temple traditions, spiritual philosophy, Ayurveda, meditation, Vedic culture and relaxing time in nature make the mood of this retreat a very unique and transformational experience.  New students of any level are welcome.

The Italy Retreat in 2014 will focus on the dances of North India, from gypsy to classical court dances.  The playful mood of folk dance will contrast the strong technique of Kathak dance.  Modern choreography in Colleena’s own unique fusion style will make this retreat one of a kind.  All levels are welcome.

Should I apply for Shakti School of Dance or go to a retreat?

We encourage students to first join a retreat before applying to SSD Intensive trainings.  While we sometimes accept brand new students in Shakti School of Dance without having previously trained with Colleena, we try to give priority to students who are engaging in continuous training.

Are there payment plans or early registration discounts for the retreats?

Please contact the organizers directly.  They are very helpful in finding solutions for students eager for serious study.

Are the retreats rigorous?

As a classical dancer and director of a classical dance school, Colleena is know to be a serious teacher who aims at perfection and strongly refined technique in every dance form, however a retreat is also a place to play and relax.  The retreats are structured to: “work hard and play hard”.  The dance training is suitable for beginning to intermediate/ advanced dancers, yet seeks to challenge everyone.  Retreats curriculum and schedules are carefully thought out to push dancers hard, but leave room for contemplation.  Meals are thoughtfully designed, yoga is included and massage is often available to make sure your body is supported with the dance training.

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