Odissi Intensive Training Faq’s.

What is the price of the Odissi Intensive Training Course?

For Intensive class fees please see information listed on our Odissi Intensives Page. 

Are there scholarship, work study or trade opportunities?

No. At this time, there are no scholarships or work trades available.

What kind of Visa should I enter India with? Can Shakti School of Dance help me get a particular kind of travel visa?

Shakti School of Dance cannot offer any support in visa matters. For this reason, we suggest you enter on a Tourist Visa, for the purpose of “sightseeing”.

Where do I stay while attending the school? How much does it cost? Are the guest houses close to the school?

There are many small guest houses in Pushkar within a 1-15 minute walk. Prices range from $10-$45 US Dollars a night. Guest houses are simple and safe. We suggest you look in a guidebook or travel forum online. It is very easy to find accommodations in Pushkar even without advance reservations. SSD does not offer help with booking accommodation, however please visit our Facebook group page to communicate with other dancers who have come to SSD before.

Is there a dress code in the school?

Yes. Since we are in an active temple, all students must dress appropriately to enter our school or they may be asked to leave. Odissi classes traditional dance sari or salwar kameez are required.

Do I need to fill out an application?

Those interested in training in the Odissi Intensive programs MUST fill out the application. Students interested in attending drop-in classes in any subject are NOT required to submit an application.

Do I need Classical Indian dance experience to apply for the Odissi Intensive training program? What qualifies me to join the program?

It is not necessary to have a background in Classical Indian dance. However, we often welcome students who have experience training in a physical, artistic or spiritual discipline, such as yoga, sports, martial arts, meditation, classical music study, etc. We look for students who have experience in sustained discipline and self-motivation within a practice context. Our training schedule is intense and requires immense self-discipline and focus. It is not merely the applicant’s training profile that we look at; it is a willingness to be open. Not only to the rigorous dance training, but as well to the entire context from which it arises. Odissi is a very ancient dance form born out of Vedic culture, with deep philosophical roots, and steeped in spiritual intent. Many cultural and religious traditions surround the dance, the Guru and the daily temple life. Students who understand the sensitivity of cross cultural study and are committed to respecting the traditions of our temple, are encouraged to apply.

What is included in my tuition for the Odissi Training Program?

Odissi classical Indian dance training as traditionally taught, music for items completed inside the course of study and some supplementary hand outs. Airfare, travel and hotel are not included.

Can I apply for any session?

New students or returning students who have not attended the Odissi Intensive program since 2013 must apply for Session # 1. Any student applying for Session 1 may also apply to continue for Session 2 and/or 3.

How can I prepare for the training?

We highly encouraged students to maintain a daily yoga practice to familiarize themselves with having a daily discipline and to develop strength, flexibility and concentration.

What is Shakti School of Dance’s Cancellation and Refund Policy?

The Shakti School of Dance Odissi Intensive cancellation and refund policy is in place to guarantee the fair allocation of slots in the program to students who have been accepted and are ready to commit.

Your registration payment to SSD is not refundable, returnable or transferable to a future workshop or to another person. No exceptions. Even in the case of medical or family emergencies. Please register with full awareness of the agreement you are entering into.

Payment (via Paypal), as well as the ‘Mandatory Waiver Form’ must be completed upon acceptance in the given time period to guarantee enrollment in the Intensive sessions. Deadline for completing payment is: Dec.15, 2016.

Students cancelling after December 15, 2016 will not be eligible for any refund what so ever, as per our official cancellation policy. *By completing your payment, you have agreed to our refund terms and conditions already.

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