Pushkar Temple Dance Festival.


Pushkar Temple Dance Festival

The annual Pushkar Temple Dance Festival is hosted each spring by Colleena Shakti and Shakti School of Dance. The festival celebrates classical Indian dance and music at the Old Rang Nath Venu Gopal Temple in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

Each year, guest artists and students of Shakti School of Dance bring to the stage the sentiment and artistic expression of devotion. The town and temple come alive with excitement as the festival coordinates with the auspicious moment when Lord Rang Nath is paraded out of His temple and witnesses the dance offering.  This festival time in the temple, known as Bramha Utsav marks a time when Pushkar truly shines as the holy place it is known to be since times of antiquity.

Our next Temple Dance Festival will be held

MARCH 23 at 8 PM

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