Shakti Summer School Online.

Shakti Summer School Online

Live Zoom Classes! All Classes will be recorded and available (for 7 days only) to encourage real time participation.

Can’t come join us in Crete this year?  We will miss you!  Our Shakti community is spread all over the world and we want to keep you inspired and dancing passionately.   We have set up an online option to join Shakti Summer School ~ Greece.  It won’t be quite the same, and we know the internet may wobble from time to time… but we are so energized to share the dance with you.  We are also excited to welcome guest master teachers from India giving special workshops on exciting topics – more info soon!



Odissi Technique, Theory and Learn a New Choreography or Re Discover and Polish!

  • Daily classes include:  Stepping & Technique, Choreography (for students with experience) and Theory Classes.
  • Learn new technique exercises to refine the specific movements unique to the choreography you are working on.
  • Clarify music theory understanding through studying the Bol and singing the  composition.
  • Explore theme/ staiye bhav and variations of mood and expression in the choreography
  • Practice expression and learn about movement dynamics
  • Join online classes and Q&A sessions with Odissi master teachers from India!

We are offering two options per week:

  1. Odissi Technique & Choreography (odissi warm-ups, stepping, choreography, theory classes) = 26 hours per week
  2. Odissi Technique Fundamentals (odissi warm-ups, stepping, theory classes) = 20 hours per week


Colleena has carefully curated each class with our guest Master Teachers to address important topics from our Odissi Diploma Program syllabus and which a re rarely if at all discussed today in the typical Odissi education in Orissa.  The classes with our masters will  happen as a ‘Theory Class’ at *5:30 pm (Greek time).   It will include a 1.5 hour lecture and practical lesson followed by a 30 minute structured Q&A facilitated by Colleena.



Renowned Odissi Exponent and considered one of the greatest artists of the Deba Prasad Das gharana style today.  Rahul is also from a Brahmin community and shares familiar ties to Jagannath temple priests and Sanskrit scholars  offering an incredible  inside perspective to these important scholarly topics.  He will present on 2 topics:  Jagannath Temple Culture & Bhangi of Abhinaya Chandrika.   *Watch here*


No introduction needed!  World renowned Odissi master, daughter-in law and dedicated disciple of  Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra and Colleena’s Odissi Guru!  Sujata Apa will cover theory topics as well as give practical lessons in specific topics related to Abhinaya Chandrika and Bhangi of Odissi.  The Q&A is a wonderful chance to ask our lineage Guru personal thoughts and  histories to improve your  understanding and connection to our  Odissi legacy. *Watch here*


Odisha’s most renowned Odissi classical vocalist, Sangita Gosain has a voice that IS the essence of Jagannath bhakti!  She is highly  acclaimed artist who has worked with all the great masters of our Odissi field.   She will be presenting an intimate coverage of the history and defining features of Odissi music in comparison with Hindustani and Carnatic music. The Q&A is a wonderful chance to ask insights and questions regarding our Odissi music.  *Listen here

This is truly a RARE TREAT that these artists have agreed to speak on these subjects with us!

Only registered participants of Shakti Summer School and Diploma Program Students will be able to attend these incredible master classes.


WEEK #1: AUGUST 16-22, 2020

Level: *Beginning / Intermediate 

*Required for new and beginning level students.

Odissi Basics and Hari Om & Batu Choreography

Week 1 is designed for dancers who are new to Odissi or dancers who want to re ignite their practice and polish their dance.  Foundational Odissi techniques are carefully examined and practiced with control and precision.  *Apply to join Choreography Class to learn Hari Om or review Batu.

Featured Guest Master Teacher:

RAHUL ACHARYA  (Jaganath Temple Culture)


WEEK #2: AUGUST 23-29

Level: Continuing Students / Intermediate 

*Required for SSD Odissi Diploma Program Students

Odissi Basics and Hari Om & Vasant Pallavi Choreography

Week 2 is designed for dancers who are continuing from Week 1 or experienced dancers who want to re ignite their practice and polish their dance.  Odissi techniques are carefully examined and practiced with control and precision.  New stepping technique practices and tihayi’s will be taught this week.  *Apply to join Choreography Class to continue with the second half of Hari Om or review Vasant Pallavi.

Featured Guest Master Teacher:


RAHUL ACHARYA (Abhinaya Chandrika and Bhangi)



Level: Continuing Students / Intermediate 

*Required for SSD Odissi Diploma Program Students

 Odissi Essentials and Mohana Pallavi Choreography

Week 3 is designed for dancers who are more experienced and who want to re ignite their practice and polish their dance.  Many new Odissi techniques will be presented. Advanced steppings and exercises will be presented, carefully examined and practiced with precision in mind.  *Apply to join Choreography Class to review Mohana Pallavi.

Featuring Guest Master Teachers:


SMT. SANGITA GOSAIN MOHAPATRA (Odissi classical music)



All times are listed in EEST (Athens, Greece Time. GMT+3)

Daily Schedule: Monday – Saturday 

  • 11:00 AM-12:30 pm – (1.5 hrs) ODISSI FUNDAMENTALS: Techniques and Stepping Practice 
  • 12:30-1:30  PM/ 1:30-2:30PM – (1 hr) CHOREOGRAPHY & COMPOSITION 
  • 6-7:30 PM (M/W/F only) – (1.5 hrs) – THEORY LECTURE *PLEASE NOTE* Master classes with guest teachers will be at 5:30 pm (Aug 19, 26, 28, Sept 2 and 4)
  • *1 hour of Homework is given each day.  Please plan your schedule accordingly.


All classes will be recorded and available (for 24 hours only) to encourage real time participation.

We highly encourage students to try to join the classes live on Zoom, however we understand the time difference can make it impossible.  Please try to join what ever portions you can LIVE and then go back and follow with the recordings on the same day.  

For questions and interaction with teacher if you are not in live classes:

We will create a FB and Whatsapp group so you can send your questions to Colleena  (in the form of video, voice memo or message), at the beginning of  each day she will review the questions and make the clarifications as needed.  


Students are expected to practice what they have been taught in each class each day, especially in the choreography classes, so we can progress forward the next day in class.  Each theory class  you will be given homework to bring to class (or send in by email if you are  not joining live) by the next theory class.  Your spirit of participation will enhance your learning experience! 


We know that some of us are working with limited options for dance studio space.  Please keep in mind that odissi requires a *non-carpeted floor, and you will need to stomp your feet… loudly!  Please consider this when planning ahead for your class times.


If you can not join us live, we suggest you commit yourself a schedule for the weeks you register for and keep it up consistently.  You will be able to access the recordings after one hour of the live class, and they will only be available for one week.  We want to encourage you to carve the time out of your schedule and make the time for dance during these Summer School weeks.

Some classes will now be pre recorded in the event that the internet connection is not stable during a live class. This way you will not lose your class due to connectivity. Some technique elements will be pre recorded to assure high quality viewing of minor details such as foot and hand positions and also so that you can reply clear break downs for your own practice.

Classes will be kept online for *1 week – so no matter what time zone you are in, you can join!

An ideal flow of the learning day would be: beginning each day with your self practice of Vinyasa Krama Yoga and move from technique, to choreography and lastly theory.  However, if for example you are able to join the choreography class live, that is best! Then go back to watch the recordings of the other classes afterwards.  Any live interactive class is going to offer you more opportunity to engage and ask questions if needed.

About Zoom Online Class:

  • Please log on to Zoom 10 minutes before class starts.  
  • Make sure you have updated to the latest version of Zoom.
  • Try restarting Zoom if you experience major delays.  Also restarting your internet modem can help your connection start to drop off.
  • When joining please make sure your microphone is off.  
  • Please make sure your internet connection is strong, try moving close to the router or plugging in an ethernet cable will give you a much more stable connection.
  • The connection/sound will inevitably cut out some times, for this reason we suggest you download the ITABLA PRO app and have it set to:  TeenTal (rhythm) at 50 BPM.
  • If the connection breaks up badly, don’t worry, we are recording all the classes. They will be available to view for 24 hours in Zoom for you  to go back and review.  

Cost of Training:

Full Odissi Technique & Choreography: 26 Hours – 180€ per week

Includes Odissi training, choreography and *special workshops with guest master teachers from India!

Odissi Technique:  20 Hours /  Week – 140€ per week

Includes Odissi fundamental training plus theory classes



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