The Traveling Dancer

Since age 18, I have traveled around this world in search of dance and music that inspired me.  I have studied Flamenco dance in Spain, Turkish Roman in Istanbul, Legong dance in Bali and Chinese classical dance in Beijing. Not to mention the two decades of traveling into remote villages and corners of India to study: Kalarypayattu in Kerala, Kathak in Banares, Odissi in Orissa and countless folk dance traditions all across the landscape of Rajasthan. 

I love the idea of traveling as a part of the transformative process. 

Dance gives us a chance to transform ourself into something better and transcend the mundane way we do things. I can not think of a more worthy cause to pack up my bags and travel across the world!

For the dancer who wants to travel farther in their dance but is not able to come all the way to India… I have created a special Summer School Program in the Greek Islands just for you! 

Take the time to focus on your dance in this dream vacation destination.

Relaxed and charming, Greek island life gives us the time to reconnect with nature, make new friends and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  As an artist, I realize all I need is TIME and SPACE to make my art happen. 

Many dancers want to study intensively and move deeper into the inspiring world of Indian dance, but for health, financial or family reasons they are not able to take the journey to come visit my school in Rajasthan.  India is not for everyone.  The hectic streets, pollution, constant haggling, the dust, the heat, the illness… are just a few of the details that wear down my students who study at my school in India.  While the culture feeds our soul, there is so much that wears down our body.  After many years in India, I am also seeking relief for part of the year.

Villa Shakti is in an isolated and serene valley on the gorgeous island of Crete, Greece.  ABUNDANCE is the first word that comes to mind when describing our land.  Bursting with fruits, food and life.  Olive oil flowing like water, homemade cheese from the neighbors and picking pomegranates and avocado off the trees.  Life on this Mediterranean island is in full bloom, unspoiled by industrial mentality.  This healthy environment is exactly what inspired us to create a center for Yoga and Dance. – A place to rejuvenate and re inspire together in a home atmosphere.

I am so excited to again welcome dancers from around the world to join me for focused, professional dance trainings in a relaxed an intimate setting. 

SHAKTI SUMMER SCHOOL is a 5 week training program (each week can be take separately, or students can choose to stay the whole time).  Each week has a special focus to accommodate to different skill levels.

I welcome you to MOVE DEEPER with us at Villa Shakti Crete this year for SHAKTI SUMMER SCHOOL.  New application deadline is: MAY 1st!

This year’s SHAKTI SUMMER SCHOOL programs are:

Week 1 (June 16-23): Odissi Classical Indian Dance & Yoga ~ Level: Intermediate

Week 2 (June 23-30): Odissi Classical Indian Dance & Yoga ~ Level: Beginning and Intermediate

Week 3 (June 30-July 7): Indian Fusion Foundations ~ Level: Beginning – Intermediate

Week 4 (July 7-14): Indian Fusion Repertoire ~ Level: Intermediate

Week 5 (July 16-21): Odissi Diploma Program (for SSD Diploma Students only)