Welcome to our new website!


Finally we have the beginnings of a working website.  There is still much to be done here, but for now, please find all important information on SHAKTI SCHOOL OF DANCE Odissi intensive training and application schedule for the 2015 schedule as well as an unto date calendar and these new exciting features:

BLOG:  We hope that the blog will serve as an interactive platform to keep students up to date with current projects, workshops and offerings.  The blog will feature posts on inspirations on the artistic path and thoughts as I continue my research traditions of dance, yoga and culture in India.  The “Private Blog” will be a resource for continuing students who train over 25 hours or more with me in Retreats or at Shakti School of Dance in India.  On all public blog posts you are able to post comments, get responses to questions, share on Facebook and interesting article and subscribe by RSS feed (the blog posts will be emailed to you directly!)

SHOP:  Links to discounts on NAKARALI jewelry, dance wear and imported costuming from India will be available for purchase.

ONLINE INSTRUCTION:  Direct links to all of my Datura Online classes.