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Colleena Shakti has dedicated her life to dance ever since moving to India for intensive training in Odissi Classical Indian Dance. She lives most of the year in Rajasthan where she directs her school – Shakti School of Dance and works with folk artists to promote traditional Rajasthani music and dance.  In summers she tours internationally collaborating with artists, teaching workshops and performing.

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Colleena offers extensive training programs, residential retreats and introductory workshops in a wide array of topics relating to Dance, Indian Aesthetics and Yoga.

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Colleena Shakti School of Dance


Full-time training in classical Indian dance and Yogic arts


Dance, yoga and aesthetic philosophy workshops
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Colleena Shakti Retreats


Residential immersive training program

Colleena Shakti Online Instruction


DVDs and links to instructional resources


VANCOUVER, CANADA – May 27-29, 2016
May 27 – May 29 all-day


Workshop schedule:

Friday May 27
6-9:30pm at The Dance Centre
3 hours of training, plus breaks

Saturday, May 28
9:30am-3pm at Firehall Arts Centre
4 hours of training, plus breaks and photo time!

Sunday, May 29
1pm-7pm at The Dance Centre
5 hours of training, plus breaks

Total training hours: 12

Workshop Pricing:

Full weekend (12 hours): $450
Saturday & Sunday (9 hours): $360
Friday evening only (3 hours): $120


The Dance Centre

Firehall Arts Centre:

Plus a grand evening show on Saturday, May 28!

ROME, ITALY – June 2-5, 2016
Jun 2 – Jun 5 all-day


Antonella Sciahina is proud to present:



Workshops – Intensives – Show – Showcase

Featuring: Colleena Shakti and Mira Betz.

2-5 June, 2016


2/06: Colleena Shakti – Workshop:

Classical Indian Dance Odissi – 4 hours (15:00-19:00)

3/06: *Tribal Fusion Express Show – (21:00)

4/06: Colleena Shakti – Indian Fusion Intensive Workshop:

Part 1: Mughal Inspired Poses & Spins from North India

2 hours –(10:00-12:00)

Part 2: Abhinaya in Fusion Dance Forms

2 hours – (12:00-14:00)

*Tribal Fusion Express The Showcase – (21.00)

5/06: Colleena Shakti – Indian Fusion Intensive :

Part 3: Indian Fusion Choreography – 4 hours – (14:30-18:30)


Workshops and Intensives Descriptions:

CLASSICAL INDIAN DANCE ODISSI – 4hrs – : This beginning workshop will offer students the chance to experience classical Indian dance training methods and basic techniques such as mudras, footwork, isolated body movements, postures, gaze and short compositions. After traditional training exercises and technique practice, we will discuss the way in which the entire dance vocabulary is notated and documented (since well over 2,000 years) and learn some of this traditional dance vocabulary (like walks, turns, animal postures, mudra, etc). Odissi style Abhinaya (storytelling with gestures) will also be explored through discussion and learning a phrase of traditional choreography. This workshop is suited for all dancers regardless of experience. The dance technique is precise and rigorous so some fitness is required. Immense inspiration is found with even just a taste of this dance!


INDIAN FUSION INTENSIVE – 8h – (the first two workshops in this intensive will give students the tools needed for really grasping the third choreography workshop. This Fusion series is cumulative)

MUGHAL INSPIRED POSES & SPINS FROM NORTH INDIA – 2 hrs: Epitomizing opulence and luxuriant beauty, the Mughal Empire swept into North India bringing together an astounding fusion of Persian, Turkish, Afghan, Islamic aesthetic with the highly developed art forms of Hindu India. Mughal aesthetic is seen in architecture, textiles, jewelry and clothing design, music and of course dance in Rajasthan. Colleen draws inspiration from that charismatic elegance and regal posturing of Mughal court dances (Kathak) and spinning techniques from several North Indian dance styles to embellish her Indian Fusion repertoire. Discover traditional techniques that fuse effortlessly with Belly Dance and understand how to hold the “flavor” of a movement when we extract it from its original context.

The class will start with drilling precision in spins (direction changes, stopping on a dime and maintaining flawless posture), then building upon common postures of Kathak and Mughal paintings we will learn several fusion dance phrases.

Wearing a large spinning skirt is recommended. This workshop is suited for dancers of any level experience.


ABHINAYA IN FUSION DANCE FORMS & INDIAN FUSION DRILLS AND TECHNIQUE – 2 hrs : Abhinaya: Often defined in ancient Indian texts as the “language of storytelling with gesture”, yet also described to be “well organized emotions”. Take a look at the theory and approach to theatrical expression in classical Indian arts, and how we can draw wisdom and inspiration from these concepts for our stage performances. These interrelated theories address authentic expression coming from deep within as the process of becoming “embodied”, as well as how to transform the atmosphere of your performance.

Colleena will share from her extensive background of training in classical Indian dance (Odissi and Kathak), Indian aesthetic theory, Yoga philosophy, and Indian martial arts to elaborate on relevant issues that come up for a performer. Sharing her personal journey, she will explain how these teachings are relevant to a fusion dancer. Please bring a notebook.

After the lecture part you will learn Colleena’s trademark style Indian Fusion Belly Dance broken down into techniques and drilled, then woven together into several phrases layered with rich details. This class would require some background experience in Belly Dance, as we will be working right away with movement layering.


INDIAN FUSION CHOREOGRAPHY – 4 hrs: Integrating mudras, Abhinaya, complex spin patterns and other details of Indian classical dance, with earthy, strong, fluid belly dance Colleena will share a choreography that offers a sweet combination of aesthetics to create that elegant Indian mood. Techniques from the other workshops taught in this event will be used in the choreography, so taking all Indian Fusion classes is recommended. This is an intermediate choreography and having some previous belly dance experience will be helpful.


LIMITED PLACES to all classes.


Prices and Rates:

Classical Indian Dance Odissi – 4hrs : 90 euro

Indian Fusion Intensive 8h made by:

Part 1: WS Mughal Inspired Poses & Spins from North India – 2hrs: 50 euro

Part 2: Abhinaya in Fusion Dance Forms & Indian Fusion Drills and Technique – 2hrs: 50 euro

Part 3: Indian Fusion Choreography – 4hrs: 90 euro

Complete Indian Fusion Intensive ( parts: 1+2+3 ) : 160 euro

Colleena Shakti WS + Intensive – 12h : 240 euro

Colleena Shakti Intensive + Mira Betz Intensive – 16h : 300 euro

Full Package – 22 hrs: 400 euro ( free tickets for Show and Showcase)


+5 euro for all the participants who want to attend the workshops or the intensives (registration fee + insurance)

It’s possible to pay the full amount at the registration or to have a payment plan in 2 payments.



Santinelli Dance Academy,  Via Cardinal Massimi 3 (metro A Battistini),   Roma


Info & Booking:

REGISTRATION WILL START ON THE 17th NOVEMBER AT 11:00 a.m. (italian time). Previous emails will not be accepted.

Send the email to:


Show and Showcase:

Teatro San Luigi Guanella

Via Girolamo Savonarola, 36

Roma (metro A Cipro)


For info, booking and to send your nomination to perform at the Showcase please write to: tribalfusionexpress@gmail.com



We can suggest you few accommodations with special rates: please write to tribalfusionexpress@gmail.com


Event sponsored by a.c.a.s.d. Aradia Spell


LONDON, ENGLAND – June 10-12, 2016
Jun 10 – Jun 12 all-day

London Blog poster 2016

 JUNE 10-12, 2016 in LONDON

We are extremely excited to be hosting our wonderful teacher and mentor Colleena Shakti again for an intensive weekend of truly inspirational workshops, 12 hours of master instruction, and a spectacular evening of performances from the 10th-12th of June 2016 in London. Colleena is well known for her elegant dance style, wealth of knowledge and attention to detail, as well as her collaborations with Rachel Brice of Datura and Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance and Nakarali.

This weekend of workshop will build up to dance phrases inspired by the details in Indian temple sculptures and Moghul court dances, contrasted with earthy feminine movements of Tribal Belly Dance and Rajasthani ‘Gypsy’ dance. Challenging spins and arm patterns as well as precise use of lines and expression are a trademark of Colleena’s dance style, and will be covered.

Fusion is a harmonious blending of forms. Fusion is finding the nuances that compliment and contrast each other, which embellish and enhance rather than confuse and clutter. How can we borrow inspiration and techniques from strongly rooted traditions with out loosing the original spark that inspired us? “Indian Fusion” is a way to create a reality of elegance, clarity and grace that reaches outside of tradition, but maintains the core aesthetic values. Indian dance traces its roots back to ancient times through preserved lineages and texts. It is rich with meaning and hidden wisdom, which brings about a timeless beauty. With well over a decade of intensive training and research specializing in several classical and folk dance traditions, Colleena will share from her vast knowledge of the Indian aesthetic. She will share ways which we can respectfully draw inspiration from Indian dance and create beautiful, intentional fusion, rather than an un informed “cut and paste” approach.

Through a short lecture Colleena will introduce Indian Aesthetic concepts as to why Indian movements look the way they do, as well as the relevant cultural / historical background.

Students are encouraged to participate in the full weekend program as these classes build on one another. The whole course was designed to offer traditional training in Indian dance (with nuances of classical and folk dance of India), and various possibilities and methods to create fusion dance choreographies and strong feminine dancers.



WORKSHOP 1 : Rajasthani Choreography – Halleriya (3 hours)

Colleena has spent over 15 years in Rajasthan as a professional dancer/performer developing her own unique style of Rajasthani dance. This choreography combines North Indian dance techniques – both folkloric and classical. *Please wear a long spinning skirt. Level: Beg-Int.

WHEN : Friday 10th June 2016 : 6-9pm


WORKSHOP 2 : Indian Fusion Belly Dance: Nuances & Combinations (2 hours)

A careful breakdown of nuanced movements found in various Indian dance styles such as: Mudra, gaze, arm patterns, movement principles, full body postures and trajectory through space. The workshop will progress to movement phrases combining Indian nuances with Belly Dance in an elegant seamless fusion. Level: Beg–Int.

WHEN : Saturday 11th June 2016 : 11-1pm


WORKSHOP 3 : Indian Fusion Belly Dance: Raga & Tala (2 hours)

Raga is a concept in Indian classical music referring to the tonal framework that creates melody, in turn mood, or color. Tala is rhythm structure. Explore dance phrases demonstrating some of the symbolic meaning in these concepts and find inspiration for choreography and improvisation. Level: Int–Adv.

WHEN : Saturday 11th June 2016 : 2-4pm


WORKSHOP 4 : Indian Contemporary (2 hours)

Drawing movements and inspiration from: Indian martial arts, classical dance, yoga, as well as various contemporary techniques, this class explores changing the ‘quality of movement’, speed and size of traditional gestures to unfurl a graceful warrior-like composition. Level: Beg–Adv.

WHEN : Sunday 12th June : 11-1pm


WORKSHOP 5 :  Lecture: Indian Aesthetic Theory (1 hour)

This short lecture will introduce Indian Aesthetic concepts and insights as to why Indian movements look the way they do, and relevant cultural / historical background. Find inspiration from these timeless artistic concepts. All levels and non-dancers welcome!

WHEN : Sunday 12th June : 2-3pm


WORKSHOP 6 : Indian Fusion Belly Dance: Combinations with complex spins (2 hours)

Train in techniques of spinning from classical Kathak to Sufi, Persian, and Rajasthani dance. An Indian Fusion belly dance composition will develop over the workshop adding in many turn variations and progresses to a dynamic finale turning sequence! Level: Int–Adv.

WHEN : Sunday 12th June : 3-5pm


VENUE : All workshops will take place in a central London studio. Location TBC very soon.



1. Indian Fusion Immersion with Colleena Shakti Full weekend package: 

Total £240 Pay in full via Paypal. (Please note the show is not included in this package and that a fee of £3.95 will be added to your transaction.)



2. Weekend package ; payment in installments:

Total £255
Pay £85 deposit now to secure your spot and pay the rest by bank transfer in installments of 2 x £85 expected on 1st March 2016 and 1st May 2016.(Please note that a fee of £3.95 will be added to your transaction.) Your deposit reserves your space and attendance will be accepted once all payments have been received.




3. A La Carte menu ; individual workshops will be available (space depending) from 28th March 2016.


Please note that all deposits and payments are non refundable. In the unlikely event that you are unable to fill your place, we are happy for you to make arrangements to replace your spot. Please inform us in the eventuality of this happening at firewater.collective@gmail.com


ABOUT COLLEENA SHAKTI:Colleena Shakti_FireWater London5

Colleena Shakti is a dancer of great subtlety and depth. She has dedicated her life to dance ever since moving to India in  2001 to undergo intensive training in Odissi Classical Indian dance, as well as to research and document Rajasthani folk dances, music and jewelry traditions. She has had the great fortune to study under some of India’s greatest masters for more than a decade, and continues to dig deeper in the philosophies and practices, which ties Indian dance to the path of Yoga.

Colleena is committed to honoring her dance lineages and preserving traditional and quickly disappearing art forms of India, yet still manages to balance her work with innovation and self-expression through her approach in Fusion Belly Dance. Many who seek her instruction find a gentle bridging of Eastern and Western thought in the structured dance training and reflective philosophical teachings.

She lives most of the year in Rajasthan, India where she has founded Shakti School of Dance in the historical Rang Nath temple complex in the holy town of Pushkar, while in summer months she tours, performing and teaching worldwide. Annually, she presents the Pushkar Temple Dance Festival, a classical music and dance festival in the Temple which houses her school.

Over the past decade, she has been living closely with a tribe of Kalbelia ‘Gypsies’ and has witnessed many stages of evolution within their nomadic culture. It took years for her to observe the details and accents of their dance form, because it is constantly evolving. Colleena Shakti_FireWater London4She travels India performing at village fairs, in Rajasthan’s great palaces and at prestigious arts festivals with her Rajasthani Langa Musicians and ‘Gypsy’ dancers. In 2007 she was honored by the Vice President and current President of India (Pratiba Patil) for her work with Rajashtani folk arts after a performance with her musicians in Amravarti. Recently, she has taken up the study of yet another classical dance – Kathak, and her innovative Rajasthani style has become celebrated by public and royal circuits in North India.

Drawing from her in-depth study of Indian artistic tradition, classical Odissi and Kathak, Rajasthani folk and tribal dance forms, her strong background in belly dance and the rigor of her practice as a dedicated dancer, yogi, teacher and performer, Colleena offers students a rich and holistic workshop curriculum.

One of Colleena’s recent collaborations include: ‘Pranam in White’ (showcasing interfaith and multinational collaborations of dances from India and Central Asia) which was awarded the Zellarbach grant and staged in the Bay area with Miriam Peretz, Aliah Najmabadi and live music by Stellamara. Follow the link for a snippet of this: www.youtube.com


KRAKOW, POLAND – June 17-19, 2016
Jun 17 – Jun 19 all-day


POLAND, KRAKÓW June 17-19, 2016


RAQS TRIBAL ANNIVERSARY – 10 years of Tribal Bellydance in Poland!

INDIAN FUSION DANCE IMMERSION – 12 hrs COLLEENA SHAKTI intensive + workshops with Polish instructors

GALA SHOW – Anniversary concert starring Colleena Shakti and Polish tribal community

B-DAY HAFLA – celebrating with more informal way. ATS, birthday cake, “VINTAGE” PHOTOS EXHIBITION & RAQS TRIBAL BAZAAR!!

Join us for this 12h intensive with Colleena Shakti and 6h of special workshops by leading Polish teachers.


About Colleena’s 12 HRS. INDIAN FUSION DANCE IMMERSION project:

This immersion workshop presents a fusion of old and new, folk and classical, Indian and belly dance. Colleena shares her unique style as it has evolved for over a decade of dance experience in Rajasthan where she lives performing in royal palaces for Maharajas, dancing with ‘Gypsies’, training in (Odissi and Kathak) classical Indian dances and studying Yoga. The focus in this Indian Fusion Immersion will center around the lecture topic: ‘Nautchwali’ and develop related dance techniques and choreographed phrases for a cohesive introduction to Indian dance and fusion.


—————– FRIDAY, 17.06 —————–


10:00am – 2:00pm – Colleena Shakti


Lecture. Inspired by the opulent and elegant court dancers of Rajasthan, this lecture will investigate ‘Nautchwali’s’ or ‘Tawaifs’; dancing girls who ranged from ‘Gypsy’ type street performers, to highly educated and refined court dancers employed by Maharajas and Moghal Kings across North India. Historical costuming, evolution of folk to classical, Moghul / Persian influences and Indian aesthetic theory is introduced in the lecture section of this workshop.



Kathak Classical dance. The dance training section is introduced through exercises in the techniques of North Indian classical dance – Kathak, as well as Persian and Rajasthani folk dance. Kathak classical dance technique is meticulous with detail, as the dancer is required to adhere to classical lines and react instantly to the complex rhythmic patterns, yet remain very relaxed and at ease. Kathak basic techniques to be introduced and drilled are: Footwork on 16 count teental, arm patterns, rapid spins and tihayi’s (rhythmic compositions). Clean lines of Kathak postures and movements will be drilled so the subtle intricacies of hand and eye movement, accents and expression are highlighted and not lost.


—————– SATURDAY, 18.06 —————–


9:00am – 1:00pm – Colleena Shakti


The most vivid quality of North Indian dance is the spinning! We will spend sufficient time on widening our turn repertoire cleaning your technique and application of turns in dance, overcome your resistances and understand the mechanics in stylistic differences. Introducing turns from: Classical Indian, Sufi, Ballet, Central Asian / Persian, Rajasthani ‘Gypsy’ and MORE! Learn North Indian classical technique with the feet to control your turns, transitions, endurance, traveling and trance inducing turns.


——————- SUNDAY, 19.06 ——————-


10:00am – 2:00pm – Colleena Shakti


Drawing it all together gracefully. A final choreographic section will pull together students new understanding of Indian aesthetic movements can logically embellish their belly dance repertoire. ‘Ethical, informed fusion’ as well as ‘tradition verses innovation’ will be discussed. Experimentation in Colleena’s Indian Fusion aesthetic will be explored to encourage students to see how self-expression and innovation can in fact happen without destroying the integrity of traditional aesthetic values.


Each dance class will begin with a Yoga warm up and meditative exercises, warm up, some strength training and continue into techniques and finally choreographic phrases.








Info: raqstribal@gmail.com

tel. +48 504 217 417


Facebook Event Page:



MADRID, SPAIN – JUNE 25 & 26, 2016
Jun 26 all-day


Anga – Contemporary Indian Dance Extracts

Anga, the core body of Indian classical dance and martial arts utilize imaginative combinations of circles, spirals and complex bends. This new workshop draws from years of careful study and intensive training in several traditional movement modalities of India (Kalarypayattu, Yoga Vinyasa, Odissi classical dance, Kathak classical dance and more). Colleena extracts core muscle movements layered with minute details (such as mudra), together with thematic bodylines to create a powerful and fluid new contemporary style.

Inspiring traditional themes of intention such as: warrior like courage, inner strength and stillness, compassion and surrender, will lead this dance workshop from movement exploration into choreography.

This class is physically demanding, yet all levels and dance backgrounds welcomed, as the main focus is to explore authentic movement from the heart, and discover new movement ‘qualities’.


Rajasthani Light Classical Choreography – Halleriya

Colleena has spent over 15 years in Rajasthan as a professional dancer/performer developing her own unique style of Rajasthani dance. This choreography combines North Indian dance techniques – both folkloric and classical.   *Please wear a long spinning skirt.  Level: Beg – Int.


Indian Fusion Belly Dance: Nuances and Combinations

A careful breakdown of nuanced movements found in various Indian dance styles such as: Mudra, gaze, arm patterns, movement principles, full body postures and trajectory through space.  The workshop will progress to movement phrases combining Indian nuances with Belly Dance in an elegant seamless fusion. Belly dance movement components will be drilled and finally weaving together dance phrases that incorporate techniques.   Level: Beg – Int.

Facebook Event Page:


Email for more information & registration:


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – July 2-8, 2016
Jul 2 all-day



Tribal Indian Fusion week-end: Two days of workshops with Colleena Shakti and Lamia Barbara. Two masters in the Indian Fusion dance style!  Show and open stage – Open to everyone!

Odissi Classical Dance Retreat with Colleena Shakti in the beautiful countryside of France.
Nature & Organic food, Yoga, Odissi dance foundation, Indian aesthetic theory and Natya Shastra (classical dance vocabulary) study.  Come and immerse completely in the divine world of classical Indian art.

More details coming soon..

To save your place, please email: maya@mayachandini.com


Week-end Tribal Indian fusion: Deux jours de stages avec Colleena Shakti et Lamia Barbara , deux références dans le style Indian fusion dance! Spectacle & scène ouverte. Ouvert à tous

Retraite de danse classique Odissi avecColleena Shakti: Entrainement intensif en danse classique Odissi dans un magnifique lieu de nature en Haute-Savoie avec Colleena Shakti.
Nature & nourriture bio avec la production de la ferme de l’ Amaranthe.
Yoga, danse Odissi plus un special focus sur la “dedication dance”.
Danseuses confirmées.

Plus d’ infos à venir…

Infos & Inscritpions: maya@mayachandini.com

NORMANDY, FRANCE July – 11-15, 2016
Jul 11 – Jul 17 all-day

Choix 2





Martha Graham a écrit :
“La Danse est le langage caché de l’âme”.
Elle a sans aucun doute raison, depuis des milliers d’années, la danse est un rite sacré. Si certains parlent de Danse Sacrée, d’autres y voient l’expression de sa personnalité, d’une authenticité ou de son originalité…Le langage de l’âme ?

Ces quelques mots ont trouvé un écho ? Alors venez nous rejoindre pour échanger, partager, nous rencontrer et surtout DANSER !
Retrouvez Colleena SHAKTI, Assia Guemra, Taly Hanafy, Kareem Gad et Clélia Danse, pour une semaine haute en couleurs et en danse dans les vertes plaines normandes !

INFORMATIONS & INSCRIPTION : ndbabbli@gmail.com
En précisant dans l’objet de votre message : INSCRIPTION FESTIVAL NORMANDIE. 

Je vous adresserai un bulletin d’inscription et le règlement du festival. Il faudra me retourner ces documents accompagnés de l’intégralité de votre règlement soit le chèque d’acompte de 250 euros (encaissable immédiatement et non remboursable), le ou les chèques soldant votre participation au festival.

• Vous pouvez régler en plusieurs fois. TOUTEFOIS le dernier chèque devra être encaissé au plus tard le MARDI 5 JUILLET 2016.
• Un règlement Paypal est également possible pour ceux ou celles) qui réglerai(en)t en une ou deux fois.

• (Sauf en cas de maladie ou d’accident avec justificatif officiel), dans ce cas, la participation pourra être annulée et l’acompte restera acquis à l’organisateur.

• Les formules donnent accès aux stages de danse (environ 32h de danse), les ateliers pratiques (plus d’informations à venir), les cours de yoga, le spectacle de danse, la scène ouverte, les conférences et 3 repas par jour (à l’exception des lundi (dîner seulement) et dimanche (petit déjeuner et déjeuner).

*** Semaine complète :
• du 11 au 17 juillet : 700 euros.
Si le dossier complet est remis avant le 30 AVRIL 2016 cachet de la poste ou mail faisant foi, une réduction de 50 euros sera appliquée.
• AVANT le 15 mai 2015 : 600 euros.

*** 1/2 semaine : 2 formules
• Arrivée le lundi 11 juillet à partir de 13h et départ le jeudi 14 juillet à 13h : 500 euros
• Arrivée le jeudi 14 juillet à partir de 13h et départ le dimanche 17 juillet à partir de 14h : 400 euros.

• L’hébergement est à votre discrétion et à votre charge, je vous invite à regarder RAPIDEMENT les possibilités qui s’offrent à vous. Des hébergements pourront PEUT- ÊTRE vous être proposés ultérieurement MAIS cela en dernière minute.
SOYEZ PRUDENT, veillez à vous loger : gites, camping, hôtellerie ou l’habitant… nous accepterons aussi quelques tentes pour les plus courageu(x/es) d’entre vous … N’hésitez pas à me sollicitez à ce sujet.

le lieu : www.tapovan.com
Lien facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tapovanfrance

MAGNIFIQUE lieu est situé à 4km des falaises du pays de Caux et à 12 km de Fécamp. Il bénéficie à la fois de l’atmosphère calme et reposante de la campagne et de l’influence vivifiante du bord de mer, à deux pas de la plage des Petites Dalles, lieu où le peintre Monet puisa son inspiration.

Et maintenant, c’est à vous !…

Les informations seront communiquées doublement une fois en français et une fois en anglais.



KAUAI, USA – July 22 – 31, 2016 (2 events)
Jul 20 – Jul 31 all-day

‘THE DANCE OF SHIVA’ – Annual Odissi Classical Dance & Yoga Retreat in Kauai

July 24-31, 2016 – Odissi Retreat
July 22-24, 2016 – Folk to Fusion Weekend

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.04.15 PM

One week of Odissi dance on the beautiful, lush island of Kauai with Colleena Shakti and ‘The Dance of Shiva”.

Optional weekend of Folk to Fusion July 22-24. Eventbrite links listed below for details.

Indian puranic lore hails Shiva as both Lord of dance (Nataraj) and as Lord of Yoga (Yogeshvara). Centering our theory class discussions on the exquisite philosophy of Yoga, puranic literature and classical Indian dance aesthetics, we will delve into the great dance moods (tandava) of Lord Shiva. After studying the epic texts describing His “transcendent dance postures”, we will visit one of the worlds few collections of golden carved statues of Shiva’s “108 karana” at the Kauai Hindu Monastery where our Odissi dance performance will be offered at this beautiful Shiva temple. Yoga asana, meditation and pranayama, as well as Odissi classical dance fundamentals, exercises and pieces of Odissi choreography will make up the curriculum.

-Puranic lore of Lord Shiva as the great dancer and yogi, and the rhythms of his ‘cosmic dance’.
-Elements of Classical yoga philosophy as well as Indian classical dance aesthetics.

-Asana, pranayama, mudra and meditation
-Strength training, fundamental Odissi techniques and a short choreography.

-Performance at Kauai’s Shiva temple dedicated to Lord —Shiva’s aspect as the “Great Cosmic Dancer” – Nataraj
-Visit Hawaiian sacred sites and experience the beauty of the island on optional day trips.

-Stay on the beautiful island of Kauai eating healthy Ayurvedic meals and enjoying Ayurvedic massage and beauty treatments.

Each day we will take time out to rest, relax and enjoy the natural wonders of Kauai. Crystal blue ocean swims, hikes to waterfalls and Hawaiian sacred sights. Ayurvedic and Hawaiian Massages available. Fresh organic, Ayurvedic meals will be served.

* Live Performance – Kauai’s World Known Shiva Temple*

Video from previous retreat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWzj_EiR6A8

For More Info visit www.alohanamaste.com
Contact: Janice Craig
808-346-1838 or janice@alohanamste.com

July 24-31, 2016 – Odissi Retreat

July 22-24, 2016 – Folk to Fusion Weekend

*Note – please email Janice Craig prior to registering for further instruction on payment and refund/cancel policy

Colleena Shakti is the founder of Shakti School of Dance in Rajasthan, India. She has dedicated her life to dance since she moved to India to undergo intensive training in Odissi Classical Indian Dance and research Rajasthani ‘Gypsy’ Dance. Colleena lives most of her the year in Rajasthan and tours internationally performing and teaching each summer. Colleena is a dancer of great depth and subtlety. With guidance from her Odissi dance Guru, she has learned that Classical Indian dance can be a form of deep prayer and meditation.




BERKELEY, CA USA – Aug 22-26, 2016
Aug 22 – Aug 26 all-day

Odissi Berkeely 2016 flyer copy




Thank you for your interest to join us for our annual 5-day dance training in Odissi classical Indian dance (Kelu Charan Mohapatra gharana), Vinyasa Krama yoga and Indian Aesthetic theory with Colleena Shakti!

Modeled in the same way as a typical day at our school in Rajasthan (Shakti School of Dance), students will receive 4 hours per day of professional dance training, as well as instruction for the subtle practices of yoga, strength training, and philosophy.  These additional teachings are the signature teachings Colleena has compiled for her own school’s training programs, which she finds essential support the artist into a deeper experience of dance.  This workshop is open to all levels of experience, but please note that classical Indian dance is a rigorous practice that requires a certain level of strength and stamina.


The daily schedule will include:


A highly authentic Yoga practice of slowing the mind and body by deepening the breath.  The breath leads each movement through the series by gently awakening subtle energy channels, rather than simply stretching muscle tissue.  From asana we build up to Pranayama practices to increase endurance for peak performance, followed by pratyahara and meditation for fine-tuning our concentration skills.  We will open each day with these practices, which will take less than an hour to complete.



Specialized movements to build muscle and find balance in order to benefit our dance bodies.  These are compiled from Colleena’s extensive background and quest for perfection.  The exercises will include inspiration and techniques from:  Pilates, Classical Ballet training, Indian martial arts (Chhau and Kalaripayattu) and traditional Odissi warm-ups.


ODISSI TECHNIQUE: Stepping… The first steps of Odissi, but not the last!

Beginners and professionals alike use this “stepping” practice (20 + 2 basic phrases) to refine one’s rhythm sense, develop precision in footwork, find grace in the upper body and hand movements, as well as build stamina, confidence and dexterity through the mantra-like repetition.

During the final few days of our time together, common movements and short dance phrases of the Odissi repertoire will also be shared to give students a taste of what classical choreography feels like.  In Odissi, choreographies are traditionally preserved through a lineage and slowly passed on over the years.



Indian classical arts are based on a vast and ancient system of philosophies that interweave and create the context for some of the greatest works of art in human history.  This year’s special theory class focus is:

ABHINAYA (The dramatic/storytelling aspect of the dance, conveyed through gesture and expression)

This year we will dive deep into the acting methods and stylistic presentation of drama in the classical arts of India.  Indian performing arts follow the ancient treatise known as the Natya Shastra. In this text, perfection in form and transmission of theme or rasa are explained in unthinkable detail.  This series of 5 lectures will lay the foundation concepts of Abhinaya from a technical perspective (describing particular combinations of eyes, hand, head, neck, etc. movements to convey characters or thematic moods) and gradually the lecture series will look at the subtle and very unique experience of  “Acting as a Way of Salvation”, and the very special spiritual context which Odissi dance finds itself.   Some parts of Abhinaya choreographies will be taught, so students can explore what has been presented in lecture.



***For students who have previously learned a choreography with Colleena, there will be availability during the week to book private/ semi-private review sessions with her at $25/hr from 2:30-5pm Aug 22-26.  The choreographies that will be worked on: Mangalacharan, Vassant Pallavi, Batu, Hari OM & Vakratunda.  To book a review class, please email: Colleenashakti@gmail.com with preferred items.  The schedule of item classes will be compiled one week before the intensive starts.



– Water bottle

– Small snacks 

– Pen and Notebook (for theory class)

– Dance Clothing:  Please wear *modest, comfortable dance clothes that allow you to open the knees completely and squat to the floor.  Baggy or flared pants are not recommended, because they will get in the way of your intricate footwork.  Stretch pants that are tight-fitting at the ankle are best (so your teacher can see your feet).

Indian traditional dance clothing is preferred, which is either a dance sari (with blouse and leggings underneath) or salwaar kameez (tunic and pants), but not required.  Additionally, a few practice saris will be available for purchase on the first day of the workshop.



Please note:  this workshop offers NO REFUNDS once the workshop has been paid, for any reason.

Please plan carefully for this opportunity.

**By completing your payment via paypal, you are agreeing to the terms of this refund policy.**



BEREKELY, CA – Sept. 1-4, 2016
Sep 1 – Sep 4 all-day


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Berkeley, CA  – September 1-4, 2016

Inspired by the collaborative performance, Pranam in White which premiered in Fall of 2013 this weekend intensive explores the theme Pranam in the creation of personalized ritual dances. Pranam is a Sanskrit word meaning a reverential greeting of the divine. In this workshop intensive we will look at different dance traditions and movements that evoke greeting the divine presence. Drawing inspiration from the deeply rooted practice of Pranam in Indian Classical dance, Colleena will share rich aspects of Odissi and Kathak, as well as contemporary elaborations on Indian classical dance grammar, yoga and Indian martial arts. Miriam will share her extensive dance vocabulary in Persian & Central Asian dance forms, ritualistic sacred dance practices as well as other more contemporary and interpretive forms of movement exploration.

Together Colleena and Miriam will help guide and inspire students in the process of creating personally meaningful ritual dances, or personalized “Pranam” dances. The intensive will offer structured and challenging technique training, as well as a creative, supportive environment for dancers to develop their own artistic work. At the end of intensive students will have the opportunity to present their Pranam dances in an intimate performance setting.

PiW final 2016 poster big
THURS. Sept 1
7:00-10:00 – Opening ceremony & lecture (location TBD)

FRI. Sept 2
10:00-1:00 – Dance Technique & 2:30-5:30 Pranam Choreography LAB

SAT. Sept 3
2:30-5:30 – Dance Technique & Pranam LAB
7:00-10:00 – “Turning Towards the Heart”

SUN. Sept 4
11:00-2:00 – Dance Technique & 3:30-5:30 – Review & 7:00-8:30 closing ritual & informal performance

The Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance.
729 Heinz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710 # (510) 827-3997

• White clothes for performance and class. (Long skirt)
• Socks or ballet slippers for turning
• Spinning skirt
• Notebook
• Ritual item: Please bring one small item for our alter

Thursday (Sept. 1) night from 7-9:30 pm we will meet for tea and deserts to discuss logistics and goals for the workshop. We will also have a short lecture class from Colleena about the deeper meaning and context of Pranam in Indian classical dance and spirituality. Miriam will share about Zikhar and lead some traditional chants. Please have your dinner before coming and if you would like, bring a desert item to share!

Use our Pranam in White Facebook page for staying in touch about carpooling, shared accommodation and be sure to check in a day or so before the workshop incase there are any last minute changes.


FB EVENT LINK: **Please Share!!**

$340 EARLY BIRD Pre registration discount!
$400 After Aug. 1, 2016

OFFICIAL REFUND POLICY: We are so sorry, no refunds whatsoever once registration has gone through. Email requests will not be entertained, however you may post on our Facebook page to see if you can sell your spot. Thank you!




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