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Colleena Shakti has dedicated her life to dance ever since moving to India for intensive training in Odissi Classical Indian Dance. She lives most of the year in Rajasthan where she directs her school – Shakti School of Dance and works with folk artists to promote traditional Rajasthani music and dance.  In summers she tours internationally collaborating with artists, teaching workshops and performing.

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Colleena offers extensive training programs, residential retreats and introductory workshops in a wide array of topics relating to Dance, Indian Aesthetics and Yoga.

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Colleena Shakti School of Dance


Full-time training in classical Indian dance and Yogic arts


Dance, yoga and aesthetic philosophy workshops
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Colleena Shakti Retreats


Residential immersive training program

Colleena Shakti Online Instruction


DVDs and links to instructional resources


BERKELEY, CA USA – Aug 22-26, 2016
Aug 22 – Aug 26 all-day

Odissi Berkeely 2016 flyer copy




Thank you for your interest to join us for our annual 5-day dance training in Odissi classical Indian dance (Kelu Charan Mohapatra gharana), Vinyasa Krama yoga and Indian Aesthetic theory with Colleena Shakti!

Modeled in the same way as a typical day at our school in Rajasthan (Shakti School of Dance), students will receive 4 hours per day of professional dance training, as well as instruction for the subtle practices of yoga, strength training, and philosophy.  These additional teachings are the signature teachings Colleena has compiled for her own school’s training programs, which she finds essential support the artist into a deeper experience of dance.  This workshop is open to all levels of experience, but please note that classical Indian dance is a rigorous practice that requires a certain level of strength and stamina.


The daily schedule will include:


A highly authentic Yoga practice of slowing the mind and body by deepening the breath.  The breath leads each movement through the series by gently awakening subtle energy channels, rather than simply stretching muscle tissue.  From asana we build up to Pranayama practices to increase endurance for peak performance, followed by pratyahara and meditation for fine-tuning our concentration skills.  We will open each day with these practices, which will take less than an hour to complete.



Specialized movements to build muscle and find balance in order to benefit our dance bodies.  These are compiled from Colleena’s extensive background and quest for perfection.  The exercises will include inspiration and techniques from:  Pilates, Classical Ballet training, Indian martial arts (Chhau and Kalaripayattu) and traditional Odissi warm-ups.


ODISSI TECHNIQUE: Stepping… The first steps of Odissi, but not the last!

Beginners and professionals alike use this “stepping” practice (20 + 2 basic phrases) to refine one’s rhythm sense, develop precision in footwork, find grace in the upper body and hand movements, as well as build stamina, confidence and dexterity through the mantra-like repetition.

During the final few days of our time together, common movements and short dance phrases of the Odissi repertoire will also be shared to give students a taste of what classical choreography feels like.  In Odissi, choreographies are traditionally preserved through a lineage and slowly passed on over the years.



Indian classical arts are based on a vast and ancient system of philosophies that interweave and create the context for some of the greatest works of art in human history.  This year’s special theory class focus is:

ABHINAYA (The dramatic/storytelling aspect of the dance, conveyed through gesture and expression)

This year we will dive deep into the acting methods and stylistic presentation of drama in the classical arts of India.  Indian performing arts follow the ancient treatise known as the Natya Shastra. In this text, perfection in form and transmission of theme or rasa are explained in unthinkable detail.  This series of 5 lectures will lay the foundation concepts of Abhinaya from a technical perspective (describing particular combinations of eyes, hand, head, neck, etc. movements to convey characters or thematic moods) and gradually the lecture series will look at the subtle and very unique experience of  “Acting as a Way of Salvation”, and the very special spiritual context which Odissi dance finds itself.   Some parts of Abhinaya choreographies will be taught, so students can explore what has been presented in lecture.



***For students who have previously learned a choreography with Colleena, there will be availability during the week to book private/ semi-private review sessions with her at $25/hr from 2:30-5pm Aug 22-26.  The choreographies that will be worked on: Mangalacharan, Vassant Pallavi, Batu, Hari OM & Vakratunda.  To book a review class, please email: Colleenashakti@gmail.com with preferred items.  The schedule of item classes will be compiled one week before the intensive starts.



– Water bottle

– Small snacks 

– Pen and Notebook (for theory class)

– Dance Clothing:  Please wear *modest, comfortable dance clothes that allow you to open the knees completely and squat to the floor.  Baggy or flared pants are not recommended, because they will get in the way of your intricate footwork.  Stretch pants that are tight-fitting at the ankle are best (so your teacher can see your feet).

Indian traditional dance clothing is preferred, which is either a dance sari (with blouse and leggings underneath) or salwaar kameez (tunic and pants), but not required.  Additionally, a few practice saris will be available for purchase on the first day of the workshop.



Please note:  this workshop offers NO REFUNDS once the workshop has been paid, for any reason.

Please plan carefully for this opportunity.

**By completing your payment via paypal, you are agreeing to the terms of this refund policy.**



BEREKELY, CA – Sept. 1-4, 2016
Sep 1 – Sep 4 all-day




PiW FB heading final 2016

Berkeley, CA  – September 1-4, 2016

Inspired by the collaborative performance, Pranam in White which premiered in Fall of 2013 this weekend intensive explores the theme Pranam in the creation of personalized ritual dances. Pranam is a Sanskrit word meaning a reverential greeting of the divine. In this workshop intensive we will look at different dance traditions and movements that evoke greeting the divine presence. Drawing inspiration from the deeply rooted practice of Pranam in Indian Classical dance, Colleena will share rich aspects of Odissi and Kathak, as well as contemporary elaborations on Indian classical dance grammar, yoga and Indian martial arts. Miriam will share her extensive dance vocabulary in Persian & Central Asian dance forms, ritualistic sacred dance practices as well as other more contemporary and interpretive forms of movement exploration.

Together Colleena and Miriam will help guide and inspire students in the process of creating personally meaningful ritual dances, or personalized “Pranam” dances. The intensive will offer structured and challenging technique training, as well as a creative, supportive environment for dancers to develop their own artistic work. At the end of intensive students will have the opportunity to present their Pranam dances in an intimate performance setting.

PiW final 2016 poster big
THURS. Sept 1
7:00-10:00 – Opening ceremony & lecture (location TBD)

FRI. Sept 2
10:00-1:00 – Dance Technique & 2:30-5:30 Pranam Choreography LAB

SAT. Sept 3
2:30-5:30 – Dance Technique & Pranam LAB
7:00-10:00 – “Turning Towards the Heart”

SUN. Sept 4
11:00-2:00 – Dance Technique & 3:30-5:30 – Review & 7:00-8:30 closing ritual & informal performance

The Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance.
729 Heinz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710 # (510) 827-3997

• White clothes for performance and class. (Long skirt)
• Socks or ballet slippers for turning
• Spinning skirt
• Notebook
• Ritual item: Please bring one small item for our alter

Thursday (Sept. 1) night from 7-9:30 pm we will meet for tea and deserts to discuss logistics and goals for the workshop. We will also have a short lecture class from Colleena about the deeper meaning and context of Pranam in Indian classical dance and spirituality. Miriam will share about Zikhar and lead some traditional chants. Please have your dinner before coming and if you would like, bring a desert item to share!

Use our Pranam in White Facebook page for staying in touch about carpooling, shared accommodation and be sure to check in a day or so before the workshop incase there are any last minute changes.


FB EVENT LINK: **Please Share!!**

$340 EARLY BIRD Pre registration discount!
$400 After Aug. 1, 2016

OFFICIAL REFUND POLICY: We are so sorry, no refunds whatsoever once registration has gone through. Email requests will not be entertained, however you may post on our Facebook page to see if you can sell your spot. Thank you!



TOKYO, JAPAN – Sept 9-11
Sep 9 – Sep 11 all-day
NAGOYA, JAPAN – Sept 17-20
Sep 17 – Sep 20 all-day

World Belly Dance Festival 2016 copy




Workshops & Performances


September 17th Sat.

10:00-13:00 Indian fusion choreography WS in Nagoya

September 18th Sun.

9:00-11:00 Tribal fusion choreography WS in Nagoya

September 19th Mon.

11:30-13:30 Tribal fusion choreography WS in Nagoya

September 20th Tue

10:00-11:00 Odissi technique 1 in Nagoya

11:10-12:10 Odissi technique 2 in Nagoya

19:00-22:00 Indian fusion choreography in Tokyo


SHOW: Monday, September 19 17:00

(Open) – 18:00 Start

SANTIAGO, CHILE – Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, 2016
Sep 30 @ 12:00 am – Oct 3 @ 12:00 am


September 30 – October 2, 2016










Retiro de Danza Fusión India.


16 horas de entrenamiento profesional de danza.
con Colleena Shakti desde Rajasthan, India
Fecha : 30 Septiembre, 1 y 2 Octubre 2016.
Cupos limitados!
Sobre el Retiro:
Este retiro será único en Chile, te llevara a experimentar la belleza y sutileza a través de la danza, en un ambiente acogedor y cercano. Sera un fin de semana de intensas horas de clases junto con esta increíble maestra y bailarina, quien te abrirá su vastos y preciados conocimientos en danza , yoga, belleza y devoción.
Danza tribal fusión India:
Colleena es conocida por un estilo muy singular de danza del vientre fusionado con elementos de la danza india. Esta fusión viene de una conexión profunda de las danzas clásicas y folclóricas de India, a partir de sus años de estudio e investigación de yoga y la teoría de la estética de India.
Ella ha creado un puente importante y significativo entre la danza del vientre tribal y los movimientos y la estilización de las danzas de india.
Este retiro será la oportunidad para aprender diferentes pasos de la danza clásica, sufí, kathak y folclóricas, en conjunto con un entrenamiento profesional de danza del vientre tribal, de forma directa con quien a dedicado su vida a esto. El estilo de danza de Colleena Shakti es una visión holística de arte, donde incorpora: ideas conceptuales, técnicas para desarrollar la concentración y precisión en la danza, el contexto cultural y una fusión armónica de estilos del danzas del mundo.
Biografia de Colleena:
Colleena Shakti ha dedicado su vida a la danza desde que se mudó a India en 2001 para encomendarse a la danza clásica India Odissi, así como a la búsqueda y documentación de danzas folk, músicas y joyerias tradicionales de Rajasthan. Ha tenido la gran fortuna de estudiar con algunos de los mejores maestros en India durante más de diez años, y continua profundizando en las filosofías y prácticas de la danza india y el camino del Yoga.
Colleena está comprometida a honrar sus linajes de danza y la preservación de las formas artísticas tradicionales, equilibrando su trabajo con la innovación y la expresión personal a través de su enfoque en la fusión de la danza del vientre.
Muchos de los que buscan su instrucción encuentran un puente discreto entre el pensamiento oriental y occidental en el entrenamiento de la danza estructurada y enseñanzas filosóficas meditativas.
Vive la mayor parte del año en Rajasthan, India, donde ha fundado la Escuela “Shakti School of Dance” en el complejo histórico Rang Nath Temple, en la ciudad sagrada de Pushkar, mientras que en los meses de verano realiza una gira, actuando y enseñando en todo el mundo. Anualmente, presenta el “Pushkar Temple Dance festival”, un festival de música y danza clásica en el templo que alberga su escuela.
Durante la última década, ha estado viviendo muy de cerca de una tribu de gitanos Kalbelia, siendo testigo de muchas etapas de evolución dentro de su cultura nómada. Tomó años de observación para aprender los detalles y acentos de su forma de danza, ya que está en constante evolución. Colleena recorre India actuando en ferias de pueblos, en grandes palacios de Rajasthan y en prestigiosos festivales de arte con sus músicos Rajasthani Langa. A partir de su profundo estudio de las tradiciones artísticas indias, Clásica Odissi y Kathak, Rajasthani y formas de danza tribal, su sólida formación en danza del vientre y el rigor de su práctica como bailarina dedicada, yogini, profesora e intérprete, Colleena ofrece a los estudiantes una experiencia a través de la danza.

Locacion y opciones:
Lugar : Villa virginia, Pirque, Chile
El retiro se llevará a cabo en una hermosa Villa en Pirque rodeada de naturaleza. Contaremos con comidas vegetarianas y orgánicas provenientes del huerto de la Villa. Las habitaciones son simples y acogedoras, y las clases se realizarán en un hermoso Dojo redondo con piso de madera ideal para nuestras practicas.
Este Villa es una Fundación y todo lo que se recauda va para la educación de la escuela Agroecologica.
Paquetes y Precios:
A) Retiro mas alojamiento :
-3 días y dos noches en Villa Virginia.
-16 horas de clases de Danza.
-Deliciosas comidas orgánicas del huerto y vegetarianas gourmet ( desayuno- almuerzo- comida )
-Coffee and tea Break
-Noche de película de India
-Hot tub
-Y mas sorpresas!
Precio : $370.000 ( Pesos Chilenos)

B) Retiro sin alojamiento :
-16 horas de clases de Danza.
-Delicioso almuerzo vegetariano, y orgánicas del huerto de la Villa.
-Coffee and tea Break
-Hot tub
-Y mas sorpresas!
Precio : $280.000 ( Pesos Chilenos)

Inscripción y Forma de pago : Paso a Paso
1_Para inscribirse debes llenar y enviar el siguiente formulario :
2 _Una vez lleno el formulario, debes hacer el deposito de la primera cuota.
Las cuotas deben ser el mismo día de cada mes ( Por Ejemplo: 5 Febrero- 5 Marzo- 5 Abril etc..)
** La ultima cuota es hasta el 10 de Agosto 2016.
** No se harán devoluciones de las cuotas.
** No cuentas como inscrita hasta que hayas pagado al menos una cuota.
** Debes enviar comprobante de deposito o confirmación de transferencia electrónica a danzafusionindia@gmail.com .(Obligatorio)

Depositar a :
Banco Santander
Numero de cuenta Corriente: 69742718
Giselle Kattan
Rut: 15.960.076-9
Email de confirmación : Danzafusionindia@gmail.com

Para la gente que viene del extranjero :
Una vez lleno el formulario, debes enviar un mail a :
– danzafusionindia@gmail.com
– Asunto : Pago Internacional/tu nombre completo.
A través de este mail coordinaremos el pago el cual será via Wester Union o PayPal.

!!!! Tenemos cupos limitados !!!!!
Información Extra:
Al ser comienzo de primavera es difícil predecir las condiciones meteorológicas, por lo que se sugiere llevar ropa abrigada para los posibles días nublados.

Locación :
Villa Virginia, Pirque
Dirección : Virginia Subercaseaux 2450. Pirque
Como llegar:
En auto: Por autopista Vespucio sur tomar salida RANCAGUA, luego en segunda salida PUENTE ALTO TOCORNAL salir hasta Av.Concha y Toro a la derecha hasta llegar a Pirque . Después de pasar el centro de Pirque doblar en calle Virginia Subercaseaux a la derecha hasta llegar a numeración 2450 ,Villa Virginia al lado de escuela Agroecológica de Pirque.
A Pie : Tomara metro hasta PLAZA PUENTE ALTO línea 4(color azul). Una vez ahí en el paradero dirección al sur tomar el Metro bus numero 81 . Los dejara en la misma puerta de Villa Virginia, como referencia al lado de Escuela Agroecológica , Pirque.
Una semana antes del retiro intentaremos organizarnos para aquellas que van en auto y tenga espacio para alguien mas.

Check in & Check out:
Check in: Viernes a las 9:00 am en punto. Por favor puntualidad!
Check out: Domingo a las 7:00 pm.

** Para quienes no se queden en la residencia deberán llegar a las 9:00 am cada día y retirarse cuando terminen las clases a las 7:00 pm Aprox.

**Los horarios están sujetos a modificaciones hasta unos días antes del evento.

Noche Extra:
Para quienes vengan de Regiones o fuera de Chile, está la posibilidad de quedarse una noche más si es que necesitan. Para coordinar este asunto junto con la Villa y evaluar la posibilidad de alojamiento extra envíanos un mail a:
Asunto: Noche extra / tu nombre completo.
*La noche extra no está incluida dentro del precio del paquete.
Almuerzos y comidas:
Desayuno, almuerzo y comida están incluidos para las participantes residentes ( con alojamiento).
Para el resto solo esta incluido el almuerzo.
En caso de que quieras compartir con nosotras algún desayuno o comida, deben informarme con anticipación, antes de comenzar el retiro. Esto tiene un valor aparte por comida el cual debe ser pagado al comienzo del retiro. Solicitar por mail.

Que traer:
– Tu mat de Yoga! Muy importante.
– Ropa cómoda para las clases.
– Abrigo suficiente por si el clima está frío.
– Cuaderno y lápiz para apuntes.
– Botella para el agua.

Mercado Tribal :
Tendremos un pequeño mercado tribal con ropa, joyas y productos naturales !!!
Estará con nosotras una terapeuta de masaje, si te animas puedes tomar una hora con ella para antes o después de las clases.
Giselle Kattan
Celular :+569 98719843
Horario: El horario puede estar sujeto a modificaciones.
9:00 – 10:00 Desayuno.
10:00 – 12:30 Danza
1:00 – 2:00 Almuerzo
2:00-3:00 descanso / mercado tribal
3:00 – 5:00 Danza
Coffee break
5:30- 6:30 danza y clase teórica.

Espero conocernos pronto y danzar juntas en esta especial oportunidad!




 [hr style=”1,2,3,4″ margin=”40px 0px 40px 0px”]
Retreat of Indian Fusion Dance.
16 hours of professional training of dance.
With Colleena Shakti from Rajasthan, India
Date: 30 September, 1 and October 2, 2016.
Places Limited!
On The Retreat:
This retreat will be unique in Chile, to bring you to experience the beauty and subtlety through dance, in a cozy environment and close by. It will be a weekend of intense hours of classes together with this amazing teacher and dancer, who will open to you her vast knowledge and cherished in dance, yoga, beauty, and devotion.
Tribal Fusion Dance India:
Colleena is known for a very unique style of belly dance merged with elements of the Indian dance. This merger comes from a deep connection of the classical and folk dances of India, on the basis of their years of study and research of yoga and the theory of the aesthetics of India.
She has created an important and significant bridge between the belly dance tribal and the movements and the styling of the dances of India.
This retreat will be the opportunity to learn different steps of the sufi, classical dance, folk, kathak and in conjunction with a professional training of belly dance tribal, directly with who dedicated his life to this. The style of dance of Colleena Shakti is a holistic view of art, where incorporates: conceptual ideas, techniques to develop the concentration and precision in the dance, the cultural context and a harmonious fusion of styles of the dances of the world.
Biography of Colleena:
Colleena Shakti has dedicated his life to the dance since he moved to India in 2001 to be entrusted to the indian classical odissi dance, as well as to the research and documentation of folk dances, music and traditional jewellery of Rajasthan. Has had the great fortune of study with some of the best teachers in India for more than ten years, and continues to deepen in the philosophies and practices of the Indian dance and the path of yoga.
Colleena is committed to honor their lineages of dance and the preservation of the traditional art forms, balancing his work with innovation and personal expression through his approach in the fusion of the belly dance.
Many of those who seek your instruction they find a discreet bridge between the eastern and western thinking in the training of the dance structured and philosophical teachings meditativas.
She lives for the greater part of the year in Rajasthan, India, where he founded the school “Shakti School of Dance” in the  historical Rang Nath Temple, in the holy city of Pushkar, while in the summer months to tour, performing and teaching across  the whole world. Annually, she introduced the “Pushkar Temple Dance Festival”, A festival of classical music and dance in the temple that houses his school.
During the last decade, has been living very close to a tribe of gypsies kalbelia, being witness to many stages of evolution within their nomadic culture. It took years of observation to learn the details and accents of your dance form, as it is in constant evolution. Colleena travels india performing in fairs of villages, in great palaces of Rajasthan and prestigious festivals in art with his musicians Rajasthani Langa. From his in-depth study of the Indian art traditions, classical odissi and kathak, Rajasthani and tribal dance forms, her solid training in belly dance and rigour of his practice as a dancer dedicated, yogini, teacher and performer, colleena offers students a rich experience through the dance.Location and Options:
Place: Villa Virginia, pirque, Chile
The retreat will be carried out in a beautiful villa in pirque surrounded by nature. We will have vegetarian meals and organic from the garden of the villa. The rooms are simple and comfortable, and classes will be conducted in a beautiful dojo round with wood floor ideal for our practices.
This villa is a foundation and everything that is collected goes to the education of school agroecologica.
Packages and prices:
(a) retirement more accommodation:
– 3 days and two nights at Villa Virginia.
– 16 hours of dance lessons.
– delicious meals in the garden and Organic Gourmet Vegetarian (Breakfast-Lunch-food)
-Coffee and tea Break
– Wifi
– movie night of India
– hot tub
– and more surprises!
Price: $ 370.000 (Chilean pesos)(b) Retreat without accommodation:
– 16 hours of dance lessons.
– delicious lunch, vegan, organic and the garden of the villa.
-Coffee and tea Break
– Wifi
– hot tub
– and more surprises!
Price: $ 280.000 (Chilean pesos)Registration and form of payment: step by step
1 – to sign up you must fill out and submit the form below:
2 – once filled out the form, you have to do the deposit of the first instalment.
Quotas must be on the same day of each month (example: 5 February-5 March-5 April etc..)
** the last quota is until 10 August 2016.
** there will be no returns of contributions.
** don’t count as entered until you’ve paid off at least a quota.
** you must send proof of deposit or confirmation of electronic transfer to danzafusionindia@gmail.com.( Needed)

Banco Santander
Current account number: 69742718
Giselle Kattan
Rut: 15.960.076-9
Confirmation Email: Danzafusionindia@Gmail.Com

For the people who come from abroad:
Once filled out the form, you must send a mail to:
– danzafusionindia@gmail.com
– subject: International Payment / your full name.
Through this mail we will coordinate the payment which will be via wester union or Paypal.

!!!! We have limited capacity!!!!!
Extra Information:
To be the beginning of spring, it is difficult to predict the weather conditions, which is why it is suggested to take some warm clothes for the possible cloudy days.

Villa Virginia, pirque
Address: Virginia Subercaseaux 2450. Pirque
How to get there:
In Car: motorway south vespucio take exit rancagua, then in second exit puente alto tocornal out to av. Concha Y Toro to the right until you reach pirque. After spending the centre of pirque bend in Virginia street subercaseaux to the right until you reach numbering 2450, Villa Virginia next to agro-ecological school pirque.
On Foot: TAKE METRO TO PLAZA PUENTE ALTO LINE 4 (Blue Color). Once there in the whereabouts address to the south take the metro bus number 81. Leave them on the same door of Villa Virginia, as a reference to the side of agro-ecological school, pirque.
A week before the retreat we will try to organize ourselves to those that are on the car and have room for someone else.

Check in & Check out:
Check in: Friday at 9:00 am on the dot. Please punctuality!
Check out: Sunday at 7:00 pm.

** for those who don’t stay in the residence must arrive at 9:00 am every day and retreat when school lets out at 7:00 pm approx.

** The hours are subject to change until a few days before the event.

Extra Night:
For those who come from regions or out of Chile, there is the possibility to stay one more night if it’s that they need. To coordinate this issue along with the villa and assess the possibility of extra accommodation send us a mail to:
Subject: extra night / your full name.
* the extra night is not included in the price of the package.
Lunch and meals:
Breakfast, lunch and food are included for the participants residents (with accommodation).
For the rest just this including the lunch.
In Case you want to share with us some breakfast or lunch, must inform me in advance, before we begin the retreat. This has a separate value for food which must be paid at the beginning of the retreat. Request by mail.

What to bring:
– Your Yoga Mat! Very important.
– comfortable clothes for classes.
– coat enough for if the weather is cold.
– Notebook and pen for notes.
– Bottle for water.

Tribal Market:
We’ll have a small tribal market with clothes, jewelry, and natural products!!!
He’ll be with us a massage therapist, if you dare you can take an hour with her to before or after the classes.

Giselle Kattan
Cell Phone: + 569 98719843
Schedule: the schedule may be subject to changes.
9:00-10:00 breakfast.
10:00-12:30 dance
1:00-2:00 lunch
2:00-3:00 break / tribal market
3:00-5:00 dance
Coffee break
5:30-6:30 dance and theoretical class.


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