Shakti Summer School – Greece.


Colleena Shakti invites you home! 

Shakti Summer School 


Professional Dance & Yoga Training

at Villa Shakti Crete

New Dates: Aug 4-Sept 5

Applications Now Open!

Shakti Summer School is a professional dance training program designed for the serious dance student who wants to reach new depths in their dance through focused study and hard work in a supportive environment. We keep the group size small to ensure lots of personal attention and our peaceful home environment offers an opportunity for students to connect with each other.

Postponement Announcement:

In response to the current global situation we are making the necessary changes to our Summer School programing which we hope will offer options to dancers who are already registered or considering to apply.  Greece has begun to announce their plans to open up for tourism beginning July 1.  While details are slow to come out, this is a good sign that the Greek government took swift action in response to the Corona Virus outbreak and the number of effected persons has remained comparatively low.  We encourage everyone to continue to check in with travel restrictions in your country of residence as well as in Greece as the changes are announced in the coming months.

We understand everybody over these past few months has been stretched to their limits in some way. We hope that the options provided below will give everyone a chance to listen to their needs and feel good about moving forward.

One great thing that is coming out of this situation is that it has propelled Shakti School of Dance forward into the digital era and forced us to get comfortable with the online streaming class format.  We are developing ways to offer more dance training, study and interactions online through out the year.  We intend to continue to develop this side of our school well after the lockdowns are finished.  We are excited as this creates more inclusion and inspiration to stay connected to our dance practice and our Shakti family!

The revised schedule for Shakti Summer School 2020:




please stay tuned for 2021 dates



An Accredited Dance Training Program

A Union of Indian & Middle Eastern Inspired Movements

Dates will remain the same:

Aug 4-11, 2020



[Previous Dates: June 28-July 25, 2020 (4 week long trainings)]

New Dates: 

Week 1 (Required for Beginners): Aug 16-22

Week 2: Aug 23-29

Week 3: Aug 30-Sept 5


For dancers who have already pre-registered for Shakti Summer School please see below your options with these new updates…

I Want to Attend the New Dates!

If you would like to join us during the new dates, all you need to do is simply email us at: and confirm your place in the course which you have registered for.  The only thing that has changed about your *Odissi registration will be the dates.  If you want to change accommodations or duration of your training, you will need to request those changes with our Admin team.  We currently have a few places left in all of our programs.  Should you need to cancel, please see the options below.  

We intend to carry on with the dance programs even if the numbers are very low this year.  What is most important is that we continue dancing in celebration of life!

What if I Cannot Make These New Dates for Odissi or I want to Cancel?

We have several options for you…

OPTION #1:  Join Shakti Summer School as per the dates listed above.  We are now taking registrations and will respond to the registrations that have come in over the last month.  We are SO ready to dance and enjoy our summer together.

OPTIONS #2: Roll over registration to next year Shakti Summer School (2021).  The dates will be almost the same as this year.  *BONUS: You will receive Free Online Access to some of the live streamed classes during the new scheduled dates of SSS 2020!

OPTION #3: Partial Refund.  Receive a refund on Accommodation, Food and Transportation only.  The training hours you have paid for will be kept as a credit for any future Shakti School of Dance training (SSD – Pushkar, SSS – Crete, Winter Odissi Workshop in California).  *BONUS: No Admin fee charged for cancellation

OPTION #4: Full Cancellation.  We will give a full refund via Paypal – minus a 50 Euro Admin fee and any PayPal Fees or Conversion Fees charged by Paypal.

SSS Terms and Conditions for dancers pre-registered for SSS 2020:

Please inform us of any changes you would like to make to your participation no later than one month prior to the start date of the session you are registered for. If you make further changes, you will be charged a 50 euro admin fee. Thank you for your patience and careful consideration.

Our 2020 Programs

* Updated Schedule *


An Accredited Dance Training Program

RASA   रस

A union of Indian & Middle Eastern Inspired Movements

August 4-11, 2020

Indian Fusion Formation is a structured dance training program designed to progressively impart the techniques, training methods and theories behind this beautiful dance form – Indian Fusion Dance as developed by Colleena Shakti.

More Info on Indian Fusion Formation 


Aug 16 – Sept 5

This Odissi Classical Indian Dance training program is ideal for the dancer who wants to work hard, refine details, develop both physical and inner strength and delve in to a culturally rich artistic tradition that allows us to live the path of Yoga and Dance as a means to realize our highest potential.

More Info on Odissi Trainings 


A Home for Boutique Retreats

Villa Shakti & Saraswati Studios is a beautiful sanctuary on the Greek island of Crete.  Villa Shakti is a home of art and yoga.  After spending nearly 2 decades training in classical dance in India, Colleena Shakti and her partner Matthew had the vision to create a beautiful home and movement studio in the vibrant Mediterranean nature.

The villa is pleasantly located on the ‘sunset side’ of Crete.  The lush rolling hills from the Topolia Gorge down to the sea, are fertile and abundant.  Fruits and vegetables swell on the trees and vines amidst the waving olive trees that fill the land.  The sea and sunshine rejuvenate and inspire artistic reflection and healthy living.  Villa Shakti is just 3 km from the spectacular hiking trails of the Topolia Gorge, a 10 minute drive to beloved local beaches and central to all the famous ones (Elafonissi, Phalasarna and Balos).

Sample Schedule

Application period closes: May 15, 2020. Late applications considered, but not guaranteed.


We look forward to welcoming you to Villa Shakti Crete for SSS 2020! 

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